added files for database format-upgrade
[core.git] / framework / config-global.php
2017-11-14 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-08-13 Roland HäderRewrite:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued with unit tests:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderAllow DNS resolver to become quiet about its operations
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-15 Roland Häderfixed namespace for FiLoStacker + removed config entry...
2017-07-01 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-05-22 Roland Häderuse DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead of plain '/'
2017-05-22 Roland Häderno more generic
2017-05-19 Roland HäderFirst Database, then Frontend (not Wrapper)
2017-05-18 Roland HäderRewrite continued: