Changed (still ugly code) the way of determining external IP
[core.git] / inc / classes / main / console / class_ConsoleTools.php
2010-06-17 Roland HäderChanged (still ugly code) the way of determining extern...
2010-06-17 Roland HäderRewritten to static method
2010-02-10 Roland HäderCopyright upgraded to 2010
2009-12-10 Roland HäderCode cleanups, deprecated classes renamed
2009-08-19 Roland HäderHandling of socket errors added
2009-08-03 Roland Häder should be more encapsulated (abstracted)
2009-07-09 Roland HäderMessage added when no hostname resolved into an IP
2009-07-08 Roland HäderMoved InvalidSocketException from hub project, added...
2009-05-01 Roland HäderPart added to detected hostname on Sun Solaris TODO...
2009-04-30 Roland Hädercatch() blocks should not be left empty
2009-03-30 Roland HäderTypo fixed in method name
2009-03-19 Roland HäderCopyright updated, interface RenderableMenu added
2009-02-03 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2008-11-19 Roland HäderNow in own repository for remote checkouts