Fixed search criteria handling, added more asserts, 'my-/_' prefix is not allowed
[core.git] / inc / classes / main / criteria / class_BaseCriteria.php
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed search criteria handling, added more asserts...
2013-02-22 Roland HäderFixed criteria handling
2013-02-13 Roland HäderRewrote search criteria matching:
2013-02-13 Roland HäderAdded 2 more methods
2013-02-13 Roland HäderAdded assert, all arrays are empty initialized now
2013-02-13 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-12 Roland HäderAdded methods for 'choice' and 'exclude' criteria
2012-09-02 Roland HäderMINOR: Missing empty line
2012-08-17 Roland Häder:( Had forgotten to comment it out ...
2012-08-17 Roland HäderAdded debug message, commented one out
2012-07-31 Roland HäderRewrote core:
2012-05-30 Roland HäderSearch criteria with no entries (= no limitation on...
2012-05-18 Roland HäderUsed convertDashesToUnderscores()
2012-05-17 Roland HäderMade all dashes to underscores for criteria keys
2012-05-16 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2012-03-24 Roland HäderFixed a typo
2011-09-01 Roland HäderSome 'static' array elements rewritten to constant...
2011-03-05 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2010-02-10 Roland HäderCopyright upgraded to 2010
2009-08-11 Roland HäderFix for method in FrameworkConfiguration, removal of...
2009-03-19 Roland HäderCopyright updated, interface RenderableMenu added
2009-03-13 Roland HäderAll empty double-quoted strings replaced with single...
2009-02-03 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2008-12-21 Roland HäderUpdating/inserting points finished (basicly), flushing...