InputOutputPointer is the right interface.
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2014-05-19 Roland HaederAdded Registerable interface as the FileStackFactory...
2014-05-19 Roland HaederIntroduced validateFilePointer().
2014-05-18 Roland HaederAdd stuff for reading header of a file-based stack.
2014-05-17 Roland HaederRemoved asserts as they seem to be to hard and returned...
2014-05-17 Roland HaederThe 'c' mode will do the following:
2014-05-17 Roland HaederOpps, don't use instance here, file pointer is okay...
2014-05-17 Roland HaederFixed parser error.
2014-05-17 Roland HaederContinued with file-based hash:
2014-05-16 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks and file i/o:
2014-05-16 Roland HaederAdded new interfaces for file i/o classes.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederMode must be 'a+b' (append, binary-safe).
2014-05-15 Roland HaederRevert "Use realpath() to secure file and path names."
2014-05-15 Roland HaederUse realpath() to secure file and path names.
2014-05-15 Roland HaederContinued with file-based stacks: