Also getSeekPosition() belongs here ... + TODOs.txt updated (--amend rocks!)
[core.git] / inc / classes / main / iterator / file / class_FileIterator.php
2014-06-23 Roland HaederAlso getSeekPosition() belongs here ... + TODOs.txt...
2014-06-23 Roland HaederwriteData() also belongs here.
2014-06-23 Roland HaederwriteAtPosition() also belongs in OutputPointer classes.
2014-06-04 Roland HaederAlso add getFileSize() here, too. This satisfies the...
2014-05-31 Roland HaederThis getter needs also to be public and be called throu...
2014-05-31 Roland HaederAlso these methods must go through iterator.
2014-05-31 Roland HaederThese 3 methods are now moved to BaseFile.
2014-05-24 Roland HaederCall these methods from the iterator.
2014-05-24 Roland HaederRenamed more and moved code to Block interface.