Some documentary updated
[core.git] / inc / classes / main / template / menu / class_MenuTemplateEngine.php
2011-03-15 Roland HäderSome documentary updated
2011-03-10 Roland HäderAs of a good naming convention, do not short-cut variables
2011-03-10 Roland HäderRefactured code for deprecated includes file_io and...
2011-03-05 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2011-02-28 Roland Häder'public static final' is correct
2010-05-18 Roland HäderSome code-cosmetics applied:
2010-02-10 Roland HäderCopyright upgraded to 2010
2010-02-09 Roland HäderDecorators moved, naming convention applied:
2009-12-07 Roland HäderRewritten to stacker class, old lost methods removed
2009-12-07 Roland HäderCleaned up because we do not want templates with partly...
2009-12-07 Roland HäderCleaned up because we do not want templates with partly...
2009-12-07 Roland HäderStacker classes/interface/exceptions (FiFoStacker is...
2009-12-02 Roland HäderTypos fixed
2009-12-02 Roland HäderMethods renamed
2009-12-02 Roland HäderXML nodes renamed to match naming convention
2009-12-02 Roland HäderMore methods cleared due to XML rewrite
2009-12-02 Roland HäderNew XML nodes added
2009-12-02 Roland HäderClear methods due to XML rewrites (see shipsimu project)
2009-11-09 Roland HäderNow all sub nodes for an anchor are supported
2009-11-09 Roland HäderAnchors has no longer arguments
2009-11-09 Roland HäderHandling of nodes fixed
2009-11-09 Roland Häder'entries' should be renamed to 'entry-list'
2009-11-09 Roland HäderNo double prefix needed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderMenu blocks are now supported
2009-09-05 Roland HäderMenu engine heavily extended, misc rewrites:
2009-09-05 Roland HäderendElement() does now no longer ignore sub nodes, debug...
2009-09-02 Roland HäderMenuTemplateEngine heavily extended, but still in non...
2009-09-01 Roland HäderAll XML-parsing-related stuff refactured to new XmlPars...
2009-07-28 Roland HäderreadConfig() is not naming convention, renamed to getCo...
2009-04-05 Roland HäderMenu template engine added