Much simplier and with is_null() sanity check
[core.git] / inc /
2009-08-21 Roland HäderMuch simplier and with is_null() sanity check
2009-08-21 Roland HäderNow with getter
2009-08-21 Roland HäderRewritten to use eval() (slow)
2009-08-21 Roland HäderMaybe now?
2009-08-21 Roland HäderError fixed in BaseHelper
2009-08-21 Roland HäderPartial stub message added if no recode extension is...
2009-08-21 Roland HäderNow configurable
2009-08-21 Roland Häderaction=status_problem excluded
2009-08-21 Roland HäderParse error fixed
2009-08-21 Roland HäderGeneric code added
2009-08-21 Roland HäderClass WebStatusCommand added which should handle accoun...
2009-08-21 Roland HäderNPE catched (TODO: we should log it later)
2009-08-21 Roland HäderWebLoginCommand is now an extra instance for hashers...
2009-08-21 Roland Häder& should not be part of URLs...
2009-08-21 Roland HäderEncryption removed
2009-08-21 Roland HäderInterface OutputStreamer has no longer assignVariable()
2009-08-21 Roland HäderWebOutput now needs a ManageableApplication instance
2009-08-19 Roland HäderDeprecated class file/exception removed as well
2009-08-19 Roland HäderDeprecated method loadIncludes() removed
2009-08-19 Roland HäderHandling of socket errors added
2009-08-18 Roland HäderAttribute listInstance is now cored
2009-08-17 Roland HäderTried to fix a warning
2009-08-16 Roland HäderOpps...
2009-08-16 Roland HäderPHP functions encapsulated:
2009-08-15 Roland HäderWe no longer need this old piece of code
2009-08-15 Roland HäderMoved 'devel' directory (need to update all repos)
2009-08-14 Roland HäderA lot deprecated exceptions removed,
2009-08-14 Roland HäderWernis API updated to handle unexpected error messages...
2009-08-11 Roland HäderMissing exception added
2009-08-11 Roland HäderState (see State Pattern) prepared, a lot reworked...
2009-08-11 Roland HäderFix for method in FrameworkConfiguration, removal of...
2009-08-10 Roland HäderNew method detectServerAddress() added which should...
2009-08-08 Roland HäderTemplate updated
2009-08-08 Roland HäderIterator instance is now handled in BaseFrameworkSystem...
2009-08-07 Roland HäderrngInstance is now located in BaseFrameworkSystem
2009-08-07 Roland HäderMissing method added, renamed
2009-08-07 Roland HäderStreamable and for encryption added, CryptoHelper ...
2009-08-05 Roland HäderFamous IndexOutOfBoundsException added
2009-08-04 Roland HäderGeneric method hashCode() added. Please overwrite it...
2009-08-03 Roland HäderCommented out debug lines added
2009-08-03 Roland HäderNow a more generate interface
2009-08-03 Roland HäderFQFN is now generated by new private method getFqfnFrom...
2009-08-03 Roland Häder should be more encapsulated (abstracted)
2009-08-02 Roland HäderaddFilter() should also throw an InvalidFilterChainExce...
2009-08-02 Roland HäderBefore a filter chain is executed we check if it is...
2009-08-01 Roland HäderDouble->single converted
2009-08-01 Roland HäderPrefix for action URLs extended with _url
2009-08-01 Roland HäderDebug line fixed
2009-07-31 Roland HäderFixed with prefix
2009-07-31 Roland HäderPrefixes used from attribute
2009-07-31 Roland HäderCentralized in core
2009-07-31 Roland HäderComment updated
2009-07-31 Roland HäderFixed
2009-07-31 Roland HäderDeprecated methods removed
2009-07-31 Roland HäderDouble->single converted
2009-07-28 Roland HäderreadConfig() is not naming convention, renamed to getCo...
2009-07-23 Roland HäderDouble->single converted, framework will abort if appli...
2009-07-23 Roland HäderVariable basePathFile now caches some path and base...
2009-07-19 Roland HäderNow protected for other controllers
2009-07-19 Roland HäderOpps...
2009-07-19 Roland HäderBetter encapsulated
2009-07-19 Roland HäderComments fixed
2009-07-18 Roland HäderUnneccessary code removed
2009-07-18 Roland HäderOpps, needs to rename the class
2009-07-18 Roland HäderConfiguration entries are all lower-case and with unter...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderMissing getter for controllerPrefix added
2009-07-18 Roland HäderFixed
2009-07-18 Roland HäderloadController() is now more generic (TODO: check that...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNow by default with news due to deprecation of 'page_wi...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNow DefaultNewsController is the default controller
2009-07-18 Roland Häder'page_with_news' is deprecated now
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNo news controller, should be deprecated and decided...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNo 'page' in console
2009-07-18 Roland HäderController for news in console
2009-07-18 Roland HäderflushBuffer() overwritten
2009-07-18 Roland HäderAdded default console command resolver
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNo longer web commands in console controllers...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderAdded default console controller
2009-07-18 Roland HäderWas turned round...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderMore debug data added
2009-07-18 Roland HäderGrammar fixed
2009-07-18 Roland HäderConsoleControllerResolver added
2009-07-18 Roland HäderNow default_console_command in console responses
2009-07-18 Roland HäderConsole response class added
2009-07-09 Roland HäderMessage added when no hostname resolved into an IP
2009-07-09 Roland HäderStream classes added to rewrite CrytoHelper
2009-07-08 Roland HäderStricter check
2009-07-08 Roland HäderMoved InvalidSocketException from hub project, added...
2009-05-01 Roland HäderPart added to detected hostname on Sun Solaris TODO...
2009-04-30 Roland Hädercatch() blocks should not be left empty
2009-04-05 Roland HäderRemove deprecated exceptions
2009-04-05 Roland HäderEndless recursive call fixed
2009-04-05 Roland HäderImage engine rewritten, cache directories ignored
2009-04-05 Roland HäderMenu template engine added
2009-04-05 Roland Häderitp renamed to xml
2009-04-05 Roland HäderParser error fixed
2009-04-03 Roland HäderStatic method detectCorePath() must be added to Applica...
2009-03-30 Roland HäderTypo fixed in method name
2009-03-30 Roland HäderMisc fixes/code cleanups
2009-03-24 Roland HäderMissing interface added