2013-02-13 Roland HäderAlso this was double
2013-02-13 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-12 Roland HäderAdded methods for 'choice' and 'exclude' criteria
2013-02-09 Roland HäderRewrote the static call to dynamic
2013-02-08 Roland HäderOpps :(
2013-02-08 Roland HäderAdded optional $requestInstance parameter
2013-02-08 Roland HäderAdded interface AddableCriteria
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse PHP_EOL instead of chr(10)
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse interface DatabaseWrapper instead of generic class...
2013-02-07 Roland HäderAdded public methods from BaseDatabaseWrapper
2013-02-07 Roland HäderNow with wrapper :(
2013-02-07 Roland HäderAdded generic wrapper (next commit)
2013-02-07 Roland HäderUse 'self' here
2013-02-04 Roland HäderAdded DHT instance (Distributable interface)
2013-01-31 Roland HäderAdded example local configuration file
2013-01-31 Roland HäderBetter this way
2013-01-31 Roland HäderRewrites to use config entry 'hostname_file' to allow...
2012-11-29 Roland HäderMinor: Comments improved
2012-11-29 Roland HäderCheck against interface Compressor, not for methods
2012-09-25 Roland HäderBetter comments
2012-09-20 Roland HäderGenerating the FQFN (full-qualified file name) may...
2012-09-18 Roland HäderCore continued:
2012-09-17 Roland HäderAdded better description, as the mind map in 'contrib...
2012-09-02 Roland HäderMINOR: Missing empty line
2012-09-02 Roland HäderNow use 'instanceof' keyword instead of checking for...
2012-08-27 Roland HäderRewrote all TODO lines, 'hooks.php' is now fully deprec...
2012-08-26 Roland HäderRewrites
2012-08-26 Roland HäderMoved constants to generic class for later database...
2012-08-22 Roland HädergetArrayFromKey() now requires two parameters (see...
2012-08-19 Roland HäderMinor: Improved comments
2012-08-17 Roland Häder:( Had forgotten to comment it out ...
2012-08-17 Roland HäderAdded debug message, commented one out
2012-08-17 Roland HäderMoved back to 'hub' project
2012-08-17 Roland HäderMinor fixes
2012-08-08 Roland HäderNo HTML in exceptions
2012-08-07 Roland HäderMoved generic base classes from 'hub' project to core
2012-08-07 Roland HäderAdded exceptions for BAS64-encoded data
2012-08-07 Roland HäderUsed exit() (also app_die()->app_exit()) because die...
2012-08-05 Roland HäderReverted last commit, better use filter pattern?!
2012-08-05 Roland HäderRewrote both interfaces to implement streamNetworkData()
2012-07-31 Roland HäderRewrote core:
2012-07-31 Roland HäderRenamed frontend to backend because it is a backend ...
2012-07-02 Roland HäderAdded proxy support
2012-06-27 Roland HäderTo noisy, opps
2012-06-27 Roland HäderRenamed variables, removeVariable() does not expect...
2012-05-30 Roland HäderDon't need this for now
2012-05-30 Roland HäderAlso for UPDATE
2012-05-30 Roland HäderSearch criteria with no entries (= no limitation on...
2012-05-30 Roland HäderTemporary added very noisy debug lines
2012-05-30 Roland HäderSome fixes/improvements:
2012-05-30 Roland HäderUse single-quotes instead of double
2012-05-30 Roland HäderSome rewrites
2012-05-27 Roland HäderOpps
2012-05-26 Roland HäderNow all dashes are converted to underscores in config...
2012-05-20 Roland HäderRemoved some anoying HTML code
2012-05-20 Roland HäderAdded stripTags (default: false) to allow stripping...
2012-05-19 Roland HäderCommented out all debug lines in template engine
2012-05-19 Roland HäderAdded commented out very noisy debug line, nbproject...
2012-05-19 Roland HäderacquireSelfIPAddress() does now return IP address
2012-05-19 Roland HäderGeneric arrays are now supported
2012-05-19 Roland HäderAdded hexval() which really stupid regex
2012-05-19 Roland HäderAdded ifSocketResourceMatches()
2012-05-19 Roland HäderJust for debugging purposes ...
2012-05-19 Roland HäderWrong order
2012-05-19 Roland HäderRemove unneeded array elements to save some memory
2012-05-19 Roland HäderRenamed
2012-05-19 Roland HäderMore debug lines and renamed ->
2012-05-18 Roland HäderAdded handling of NPE (which is fine here)
2012-05-18 Roland HäderUsed convertDashesToUnderscores()
2012-05-18 Roland HäderMissing fields may debugging
2012-05-18 Roland HäderOpps ...
2012-05-18 Roland HäderMoved last exception thing to BaseDatabaseFrontend...
2012-05-18 Roland HädergetLastError() is now fully obsolete, you can get the...
2012-05-18 Roland HäderAdded method unsetConfigEntry()
2012-05-17 Roland HäderMust be abstract ...
2012-05-17 Roland Häderdie() expanded with __METHOD__
2012-05-17 Roland HäderMade all dashes to underscores for criteria keys
2012-05-17 Roland HäderRewrote debug lines to ->debugOutput()
2012-05-16 Roland HäderUpdate also these copyrights
2012-05-16 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2012-05-16 Roland HäderMade readVariable() protected again, if you need access...
2012-05-15 Roland HäderSome minor improvements
2012-05-15 Roland HäderMade readVariable() public, used single-quotes instead...
2012-05-14 Roland HäderMinor comment changes
2012-05-14 Roland HäderWarning made more clear
2012-05-14 Roland HäderAdded FilterChain::getFilters()
2012-05-14 Roland HäderCnstants first, than class attributes/fields
2012-05-14 Roland HäderThe FilterChain class is now registerable
2012-05-14 Roland HäderRefactured 'BaseRegistry::getInstance()' a little
2012-05-14 Roland HäderAnd 'public' also ...
2012-05-14 Roland Häder'static' please ...
2012-05-14 Roland Häder'core' enchanced:
2012-05-06 Roland HäderCheck for config variables first, than general to avoid...
2012-04-28 Roland HäderSorted fields/attributes and setter/getter to top,...
2012-04-27 Roland HäderAllowed debugBackTrace() to not exit (default is to...
2012-04-25 Roland HäderRemoved deprecated scripts (please delete them even...
2012-04-22 Roland HäderAdded type-hint 'array' for $onlyKeys because this...
2012-04-22 Roland HäderChanged/fixed/added properties
2012-04-22 Roland HäderAdded method stubs to satisfy interface
2012-04-22 Roland HäderHack to prevent 'array to string conversion' message