2017-08-13 Roland HäderRewrites:
2017-08-13 Roland HäderRewrite:
2017-08-13 Roland HäderRewrote a bit:
2017-08-13 Roland HäderRewritten:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued with unit tests:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderLet's name it better, more clear.
2017-07-16 Roland HäderAllow DNS resolver to become quiet about its operations
2017-07-16 Roland HäderAdded first PHPUnit-based unit test. This will test...
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-16 Roland HäderCleanup:
2017-07-15 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-07-15 Roland Häderfixed namespace for FiLoStacker + removed config entry...
2017-07-15 Roland Häderadded public (non-sensitive) NetBeans project files
2017-07-01 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-07-01 Roland HäderAdded getter/setter for a Register instance (registries)
2017-06-30 Roland HäderAlso skip this
2017-06-17 Roland Häderalso skip one element when __callStatic is given
2017-06-17 Roland HäderExperimental "audio-fetching" script added
2017-06-17 Roland HäderSome rewrites:
2017-05-30 Roland Häderno longer deprecated
2017-05-30 Roland HäderNope, this will add hashes to the list ...
2017-05-30 Roland HäderNope, this method needs to be called!
2017-05-30 Roland HäderAlso log call-back instance
2017-05-30 Roland Häder... now call-back array ...
2017-05-30 Roland Häderuse better method_exists() is_callable() also accepts...
2017-05-30 Roland Häderalso add new setCallbackInstance() to interface ...
2017-05-30 Roland Häderadded call-back instance support
2017-05-30 Roland HäderUnsupported array found, maybe later add a call-backabl...
2017-05-29 Roland Häderimported Helper
2017-05-29 Roland Häderimported OutputStream
2017-05-29 Roland HädergetResponseInstance is now located in FrameworkBootstrap
2017-05-29 Roland Häderimported ApplicationEntryPoint
2017-05-29 Roland Hädermust implement Registerable
2017-05-23 Roland HäderStrict naming-convention (Project\Package[\SubPackage...
2017-05-22 Roland Häderimported FrameworkFeature
2017-05-22 Roland Häderwith Github name
2017-05-22 Roland Häderimported InputStream
2017-05-22 Roland HäderFixes:
2017-05-22 Roland Häderimported FileNotFoundException
2017-05-22 Roland Häderuse DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR instead of plain '/'
2017-05-22 Roland HäderSorry, I confused it ...
2017-05-22 Roland Häderno more 'base_path', now there are 'base_framework_path...
2017-05-22 Roland Häderimported BaseTemplateEngine
2017-05-22 Roland HäderNo own namespace for these, so no need to import
2017-05-22 Roland Häderno longer generic
2017-05-22 Roland HäderFixed template:
2017-05-22 Roland Häderno more generic
2017-05-22 Roland Häderno more generic!
2017-05-21 Roland HäderNo more this here, it is no longer generic
2017-05-21 Roland HäderNo more generic, StorableSocket is not generic
2017-05-20 Roland Häderyet another exception ...
2017-05-20 Roland HäderHandleableProtocol-related stuff is not generic
2017-05-20 Roland Häderother way and don't log __METHOD__ anymore
2017-05-19 Roland HäderAlso no longer generic ... Same reason!
2017-05-19 Roland HäderCannot be generic, due to StorableSocket class (may...
2017-05-19 Roland HäderIs not generic (ConnectionInfo)
2017-05-19 Roland Häderupdated TODOs.txt
2017-05-19 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-05-19 Roland HäderBaseRawDataHandler is not generic (anymore or was never)
2017-05-19 Roland Hädercommits fixes
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported in template
2017-05-19 Roland HäderNeeds to be here, no way!
2017-05-19 Roland HäderMoved a lot back to hub:
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported BaseInfo
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported from hub project
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported ConnectionInfoFactory
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported ShareableInfo
2017-05-19 Roland Häderalso the factory has been imported
2017-05-19 Roland Häderalso added BaseInfo and ConnectionInfo, now bound to...
2017-05-19 Roland Häderadded interface from hub project
2017-05-19 Roland Hädertemplate updated
2017-05-19 Roland Häderdeeper + imported SocketRegistryFactory
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported BaseListener
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported FrameworkInterface + created namespace
2017-05-19 Roland HäderImported HelpableTemplate
2017-05-19 Roland Häderimported UnsupportedOperationException;
2017-05-19 Roland Häderneed to import Stateable, too. More may follow (afterma...
2017-05-19 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-05-19 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-05-19 Roland HäderContinued a bit:
2017-05-19 Roland Häderno longer deprecated and now imported
2017-05-19 Roland HäderPlease avoid these class_exists() outside any object...
2017-05-19 Roland HäderFirst Database, then Frontend (not Wrapper)
2017-05-19 Roland Häderfirst namespace, then other
2017-05-18 Roland Häderalso line number
2017-05-18 Roland Häderopps
2017-05-18 Roland HäderRewrite continued:
2017-05-08 Roland Häderrenamed to parseParameters() as this method will parse...
2017-05-03 Roland HäderContinued:
2017-04-04 Roland HaederKeep compiled Smarty3 templates out ... (I won't switch...
2017-04-02 Roland HaederContinued:
2017-03-26 Roland HaederContinued with rewrites:
2017-03-15 Roland Häderbetter this way, "cache" loader instance to avoid calli...