Added really lame script to update copyright year.
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2015-05-26 Roland HaederUpdated 'core' + more usage of FileNotFoundException...
2015-05-11 Roland Haederinc/classes.php is no longer used.
2015-05-02 Roland HäderMerge branch 'master' of /var/cache/git/repos/hub into...
2015-03-24 Roland HaederUpdated 'core' to latest commit including index.php
2015-03-22 Roland HaederMerge branch 'latest-core/crawler' into refacuring...
2015-03-22 Roland HaederUpdated 'core' + copyright year.
2015-01-11 Roland HaederMerge branch 'master' into refacuring/protocol_handler
2014-12-07 Roland HaederMerge branch 'master' into refacuring/protocol_handler
2014-10-17 Roland HaederContinued with hub:
2014-10-17 Roland HaederContinued with hub:
2014-02-03 Roland 'Quix0r'... Merge branch 'contrib'
2013-07-30 Roland HäderUpdated domain without a dash :(
2013-07-25 Roland HäderAdded exceptions + some code:
2013-07-18 Roland HäderChanged all true/false to TRUE/FALSE respectively as...
2013-05-31 Roland HäderMade lower to upper case:
2013-02-01 Roland HäderRemoved deprecated array (very old code)
2012-08-07 Roland HäderUsed exit() instead of die()
2012-05-16 Roland HäderCopyright notice updated
2012-03-24 Roland HäderFixed a typo, added an assert()
2011-11-08 Roland HäderSome global cleanups:
2011-09-11 Roland HäderSome 'abstract' are required
2011-08-31 Roland HäderHub project continued:
2011-04-06 Roland HäderSome code cosmetics applied
2011-03-25 Roland HäderIf the class is final, no methods can be overwritten...
2011-03-21 Roland HäderRemoved obsolete parameter 'applicationInstance' from...
2011-03-15 Roland HäderDocumentation tag fixed for method detectCorePath(...
2011-03-12 Roland HäderA lot new methods/class added and many cleanups:
2011-03-05 Roland HäderCopyright notice updated, our first hub application...
2010-05-18 Roland HäderBetter handling of missing emergency_exit.ctp
2010-03-01 Roland HäderState pattern added, hub continued (sorry, I let it...
2009-12-09 Roland HäderGeneric index.php is now masking backtrace data
2009-12-02 Roland HäderGlobal fix/add/update:
2009-09-05 Roland Häder'template_class' renamed to 'web_template_class'
2009-08-30 Roland HäderInstance variable rewritten
2009-08-11 Roland HäderTask handler added, a lot rewrites
2009-07-28 Roland HäderreadConfig() is not naming convention, renamed to getCo...
2009-05-01 Roland HäderRewritten class structure to make it more OOP-friendly...
2009-05-01 Roland HäderNews/README updated, misc fixes to BaseHubNode class
2009-04-03 Roland HäderStatic method detectCorePath() must be added to Applica...
2009-03-11 Roland Hädertm removed
2009-03-10 Roland Häderglobal on _SERVER removed
2008-11-19 Roland HäderCode merged from ship-simu repository
2008-09-28 Roland HäderCode base synced, updated
2008-08-18 Roland HäderCode syncronized with shipsimu code base
2008-06-11 Roland HäderNew starter/init style applied
2008-05-31 Roland HäderCode merge from latest ship-simu code
2008-03-03 Roland Hädersome comments fixed, small fix for windows OSes and...