Updated 'core'.
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2015-08-25 Roland HaederUpdated 'core' + renamed 'main' -> 'classes'.
2015-05-27 Roland HaederUpdated to latest 'core' + convertToClassName() and...
2015-04-06 Roland Haeder'page' and 'command' were both the same (command),...
2015-03-24 Roland HaederMissed this one.
2013-07-30 Roland HäderUpdated domain without a dash :(
2012-12-20 Roland HäderGlobal fix for generating right class name for controll...
2012-12-20 Roland HäderUpdated ApplicationHelper class to latest API
2012-08-07 Roland HäderUsed exit() instead of die()
2012-04-22 Roland HäderFixed all getSelfInstance
2011-11-08 Roland HäderAlso this ...
2011-11-08 Roland HäderselfInstance is better
2011-11-08 Roland HäderRenamed getInstance() to getSelfInstance(), conflicts...
2011-03-22 Roland HäderSet application instance first (to prevent a NPE in...
2011-03-10 Roland HäderDeprecated includes file_io/language removed
2011-02-28 Roland Häder'public static final' is correct
2009-08-30 Roland HäderMissing config entries for news added #3
2009-08-30 Roland HäderMissing config entries for news added #2
2009-08-30 Roland HäderMissing config entries for news added
2009-08-30 Roland HäderMissing menu class and config entries added
2009-08-21 Roland HäderUpdated to latest core changes
2009-08-21 Roland HäderMoved to better place
2009-08-21 Roland HäderWeb output instance added
2009-08-11 Roland HäderDeprecated call removed
2009-08-01 Roland HäderDouble->single converted
2009-07-31 Roland HäderMissing 2nd parameter added
2009-07-28 Roland HäderreadConfig() is not naming convention, renamed to getCo...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderSet command name in request to prevent some strange...
2009-07-18 Roland HäderDeprecated 'page_with_news' removed
2009-05-01 Roland HäderGeneric index.php updated from hub project
2009-04-05 Roland HäderNow UTF-8
2009-04-05 Roland HäderRenamed to match with latest core
2009-03-24 Roland HäderDouble-quotes rewritten to single-quotes
2009-03-19 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2009-03-14 Roland HäderUpdated to latest core revision, a lot debug constants...
2009-03-14 Roland HäderTemplates moved from core to add directory
2009-03-13 Roland Häderheader_extras_hook added, templates in inc/templates...
2009-03-13 Roland HäderApplication initialized with default things (yes, we...