Copy also to dist and execute build-all
[jprojects-scripts.git] /
2016-05-04 Roland HäderMore stuff added for Windows development (silly)
2016-05-02 Roland Häderadded jrecruiter for Galdora e.K
2016-04-29 Roland Haederglobally updated jar(s)
2016-04-28 Roland Haederadded jjobs-core
2016-04-27 Roland Haederadded jaddressbook-lib
2016-04-27 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2016-04-25 Roland HaederFirst update this project, then others.
2016-04-25 Roland HäderAdded jratecalc-core (project's own entities and model...
2016-04-20 Roland HaederThe last commit from my workplace removed push-stick...
2016-04-19 Roland HaederRemoved jcontacts-ejb as this is to generic and needs...
2016-04-18 Roland HäderImprovements
2016-04-11 Roland HaederSorted projects, jcoreee is more generic
2016-04-11 Roland Haederjcountry-ejb was not possible as the data then is splitted.
2016-04-10 Roland HaederShould check for .git/config in each project
2016-04-10 Roland HaederAdded jphone-lib and mailer for pizzaservice
2016-04-09 Roland HaederNew projects added + some fixes for excluding jratecalc:
2016-04-05 Roland HaederAdded jratecalc (no-public, Cho-Time GmbH project).
2016-04-04 Roland HaederImproved some scripts and added new mailer projects
2016-03-08 Roland Haederfoo-user-ejb are now merged into foo-ejb to ease deploy...
2016-03-02 Roland HaederAdded copying of files to remote host + separated juser...
2016-02-19 Roland HaederAdded this project + comments
2016-02-19 Roland HaederInitial commit