Wrap in nice double-quotes
[jprojects-scripts.git] / pull-stick.sh
2016-07-22 Roland HäderAllow deleting of branches before anything is pulled
2016-05-13 Roland HaederNo more abort + merging upstream added (work).
2016-05-12 Roland HaederParameter 'r' for resetting hard projects added
2016-05-06 Roland HaederPull from more repositories
2016-05-04 Roland HäderMore stuff added for Windows development (silly)
2016-04-27 Roland HaederContinued a bit:
2016-04-19 Roland HäderAdded support for 'origin' repository
2016-04-18 Roland HaederAdded the famous 'all done' message.
2016-04-18 Roland HaederAgain jratecalc (Cho-Time GmbH -specific project) needs...
2016-04-18 Roland HäderImprovements
2016-04-05 Roland HaederAdded jratecalc (no-public, Cho-Time GmbH project).
2016-02-19 Roland HaederInitial commit