Ignored genfiles.properties + added new script:
[jprojects-scripts.git] / push-stick.sh
2016-07-21 Roland Haeder"o" is for origin
2016-07-21 Roland Haederfixed this
2016-07-21 Roland Haederadded ability to delete branches
2016-05-04 Roland HaederMore stuff added for Windows development (silly)
2016-04-18 Ronald HaederImprovements
2016-04-17 Roland HaederExit on all failed pushs
2016-04-09 Roland HaederNew projects added + some fixes for excluding jratecalc:
2016-04-05 Roland HaederAdded jratecalc (no-public, Cho-Time GmbH project).
2016-04-04 Roland HaederImproved some scripts and added new mailer projects
2016-02-19 Roland HaederInitial commit