Several fixes on core and wernis extension
[mailer.git] / .gitattributes
2008-03-18 Roland HäderMissing files added
2008-03-18 Roland Hädertest
2008-03-18 Roland HäderRedirection work-around added
2008-02-23 Roland Häderfile renamed
2008-02-18 Roland Häderremoved
2008-02-17 Roland Häderwernis extension is now alpha code (only listing in...
2008-02-15 Roland HäderScript stats added in footer
2008-02-13 Roland HäderA *lot* more code-cleanups, errors in CSS fixed (missin...
2008-02-06 Roland Häderconstant inclusion in templates begun to rewrite. SMTP...
2008-02-03 Roland Häderremoved
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared
2008-02-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)
2008-02-03 Roland Häder(no commit message)