Renamed ifSqlHasZeroNums() to ifSqlHasZeroNumRows() and improved some queries.
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2016-03-28 Roland HaederRenamed ifSqlHasZeroNums() to ifSqlHasZeroNumRows(...
2015-04-03 Roland HaederAdded (still not fully flexible) and...
2014-04-17 Roland HaederFirst batch of removal of the headers needed for revisi...
2014-02-03 Roland HaederMerge branch 'contrib' into 0.2.1-FINAL
2013-03-06 Roland HäderRenamed more:
2013-03-06 Roland HäderRenamed all SQL-related functions to camel-case notation
2013-01-24 Roland HäderUpdated copyright notice as there are changes in this...
2013-01-22 Roland HäderRewrote reset and some extensions:
2013-01-12 Roland HäderAdded script template for cron jobs, fixed some checks...
2013-01-10 Roland HäderAdded separate debugging of 'hourly' reset
2013-01-08 Roland HäderPrevious attempt fixed
2012-11-27 Roland HäderMinor: With dot again (better grammar)
2012-11-24 Roland HäderSome minor (text) improvements
2012-11-10 Roland HäderAdded purging of subid and server_name logs
2012-10-17 Roland HäderCode style changed, ext-user continued:
2012-09-29 Roland Hädermailer project continued:
2011-08-07 Roland Häderwww is out-dated
2011-07-22 Roland HäderFix for SQL with ref_depth=NULL
2011-07-19 Roland HäderSuperfluous SQL query rewritten to getUserData() call
2011-06-30 Roland HäderAlso ext-user needs to be excluded here
2011-01-18 Roland HäderSome language strings fixed, renamed. Copyright notice...
2011-01-06 Roland HäderAlso reset (aka daily reset scripts) renamed. The namin...