Some fixes for refid
[mailer.git] / inc / databases.php
2008-10-11 Roland HäderSome fixes for refid
2008-10-11 Roland HäderFix for _GET instead of variable, thanks to monakoianar
2008-10-11 Roland HäderSome fixes for yoomedia extension
2008-10-10 Roland HäderExtension 'yoomedia' now alpha status, some rewrites
2008-10-09 Roland HäderAdmin login form with reset link, guest welcome page...
2008-10-09 Roland HäderReferal overview finished and rewritten for refback...
2008-10-09 Roland HäderFixed
2008-10-09 Roland HäderBetter randomizer chossen (rand() does only create...
2008-10-09 Roland HäderConvention applied to POINTS constant
2008-10-07 Roland HäderBirthday extension secured
2008-10-07 Roland HäderFinal fix for double/missing constant
2008-10-07 Roland HäderMissing code added
2008-10-07 Roland HäderMissed to add...
2008-10-07 Roland HäderMore fixes for installation phase. Thanks to AndreasJung
2008-10-07 Roland HäderFix for double-included file
2008-10-07 Roland HäderNotication list reworked
2008-10-07 Roland HäderNotication mail fix
2008-10-07 Roland HäderTypos fixed
2008-10-07 Roland HäderListing of notifications added
2008-10-06 Roland HäderDebug lines added
2008-10-06 Roland HäderResets debugable
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFix for surfbar reset
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFix for MYSQL_QUERY_STRING, thanks to AndreasJung
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFixes for turbo_rates vs. bonus_ranks
2008-10-06 Roland HäderMore use of REVERT_COMMA() fixes problems
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFixes for ranking prices
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFixed error in config_bonus
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFix for 1 second
2008-10-06 Roland HäderMissed...
2008-10-06 Roland HäderFixed mis-typed variable, thanks to rasty
2008-10-06 Roland HäderReset scripts rewritten in header
2008-10-05 Roland HäderMonthly beg/bonus rallye rewritten
2008-10-05 Roland HäderMissing constant again added
2008-10-05 Roland HäderMissing constant added
2008-10-05 Roland HäderNow language then extensions
2008-10-05 Roland HäderFix for missing CSS variable
2008-10-05 Roland HäderFix for bonus config
2008-10-05 Roland HäderFix for non-string settings
2008-10-04 Roland HäderDe-referer now no longer de-refers own links, no more...
2008-10-04 Roland HäderFix for misstyped CSS class
2008-10-04 Roland HäderFix for db_hits while in install-mode, thanks to Andrea...
2008-10-04 Roland HäderRefback example added
2008-10-04 Roland HäderCache will be rebuild after refback is installed
2008-10-04 Roland HäderArray name fixed, unique index will be dropped and...
2008-10-04 Roland HäderMore fixes for rallye
2008-10-04 Roland HäderYet another fix...
2008-10-04 Roland HäderFix for monthly bonus
2008-10-04 Roland HäderFixes for rallye extension, refs are now no longer...
2008-10-02 Roland HäderShould fix a missing config entry in install phase...
2008-10-02 Roland HäderMissing config.php re-added
2008-10-02 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-10-02 Roland HäderNow temporary removed
2008-10-02 Roland HäderAnother column fix
2008-10-02 Roland HäderFixed another wrong variable
2008-10-02 Roland HäderWrong variable fixed
2008-10-01 Roland HäderRemote address is now being updated with every click...
2008-10-01 Roland HäderAnonymity/privacy extension 'removeip' added
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix was wrong... opps
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for the fix... ;)
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for newsletter
2008-09-30 Roland HäderWord 'Werbepunkte' replaced with dynamic 'points' word
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for IE
2008-09-30 Roland HäderURL in email archive and details now displayed
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix of the fix... ;)
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for deleting mails
2008-09-30 Roland HäderSession save path now fully supported
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for rallye extension
2008-09-30 Roland HäderFix for missing constant
2008-09-29 Roland HäderSome more glitches fixed away...
2008-09-29 Roland HäderSome glitches fixed... ;)
2008-09-29 Roland HäderEmail support added to refback extension
2008-09-29 Roland HäderRefback extension in alpha phase finished, users can...
2008-09-28 Roland HäderHotfix for counting refback points
2008-09-28 Roland HäderFixes for ref level in refback
2008-09-28 Roland HäderFixes for level=
2008-09-28 Roland HäderRefback will be payed now (user cannot setup currently)
2008-09-27 Roland HäderNow with refid.php
2008-09-27 Roland HäderFix for reflink, if nickname is not installed
2008-09-27 Roland HäderMissing ;)
2008-09-27 Roland HäderFix for rallye
2008-09-27 Roland HäderFix for task
2008-09-27 Roland HäderFixes for wrong config entries
2008-09-27 Roland HäderHash code improved
2008-09-27 Roland HäderMore fixes for reflink and rallye extension
2008-09-27 Roland HäderLink to forum added
2008-09-27 Roland HäderError handler activated
2008-09-27 Roland Häderdie() removed
2008-09-27 Roland HäderTemplate fixes, lesser admin data will be loaded from...
2008-09-26 Roland HäderSurfbar extended
2008-09-25 Roland Häder- Notification mode added to surfbar (dummy!)
2008-09-24 Roland Häder- Surfbar further extended, currently broken!
2008-09-24 Roland HäderMails for confirmed URL migration mail->surfbar added
2008-09-24 Roland HäderEntire rewrite of mail part in app! Not kidding here...
2008-09-23 Roland Häderadd_mode in ADD_POINTS_REFSYSTEM() is now always lower...
2008-09-23 Roland HäderFix for installation phase (thx to AndreasJung)
2008-09-23 Roland HäderSurfbar continued (unfinished) and some updates:
2008-09-22 Roland HäderGetting late... ;)
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFixes for installation mode
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFix for empty content
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFix for SQL_FREERESULT()