Counter for yester hits in surfbar added
[mailer.git] / inc / extensions / ext-surfbar.php
2008-09-08 Roland HäderCounter for yester hits in surfbar added
2008-09-08 Roland Häder- Daily/weekly/monthly reset completely rewritten
2008-09-06 Roland HäderAutostart/manual-start added to surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderExtension de-/activation fixed in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderDefault times reduced in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderCounter for pending surfbar added
2008-09-06 Roland HäderSurfbar fixed, more fixes in core, templates fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderConstant SECS and MINS are now deprecated/removed,...
2008-09-06 Roland HäderTons of rewrites (SQL queries), surfbar nearly finished...
2008-09-05 Roland Häder- Surfbar extended with dynamic percentage (only config)
2008-09-02 Roland Häder* Member template added for the surfbar which notifies...
2008-09-01 Roland HäderReferal levels for surfbar added (unfinished)
2008-08-31 Roland HäderConfig entry surfbar_pay_mode renamed to surfbar_pay_model
2008-08-31 Roland HäderSurfbar text updated, more masks applied, footer/timing...
2008-08-30 Roland HäderEXT_CSS=N is unnessary in extension files
2008-08-30 Roland HäderPassword reset for admin login added (still buggy if...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderSurfbar now has admin menu (dummy extension!), menu...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderSurfbar idea added (dummy extension!)