Installer now writes config.php correctly
[mailer.git] / inc / install-inc.php
2008-05-06 Roland HäderInstaller now writes config.php correctly
2008-03-28 Roland HäderSeveral constant fixes
2008-03-05 Roland Häderredirection of invalid or deleted mail orders improved...
2008-02-22 Roland Hädermore boolean constants improved
2008-02-22 Roland Häderhandling of boolean constants improved (not fully)
2008-02-13 Roland HäderA *lot* more code-cleanups, errors in CSS fixed (missin...
2008-02-11 Roland HäderInstall SQL import is improved. Now no external shell...
2008-02-06 Roland Häderconstant inclusion in templates begun to rewrite. SMTP...
2008-02-06 Roland HäderA lot more naming conventions applied
2008-02-06 Roland HäderNaming convention applied
2008-02-06 Roland Hädercomment version updated
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared