Last references to now replaced with mergeConfig()
[mailer.git] / inc / modules / admin / what-config_primera.php
2009-02-23 Roland HäderLast references to now replaced with mergeConfig()
2009-02-23 Roland HäderMore references to removed (still some left)
2008-12-17 Roland HäderMahor rewrite:
2008-11-25 Roland HäderSeveral fixes and and improvements:
2008-10-10 Roland HäderExtension 'yoomedia' now alpha status, some rewrites
2008-10-02 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-10-02 Roland HäderNow temporary removed
2008-09-16 Roland HäderSecurity line in all includes changed
2008-09-13 Roland HäderWithdraw now only allowed to sponsor in wernis/primera...
2008-09-09 Roland HäderInitial non-working import for Primera, Wernis now...