Reverted of changes in 1704, see ticket #160
[mailer.git] / inc / modules /
2010-02-14 Roland Häderext-validator introduces, several HTML cleanups, fixes...
2010-01-26 Roland HäderSeveral fixes/cleanups
2010-01-15 Roland HäderPossible fix for bigint() problem, some code-cleanups
2010-01-02 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, saving NULL entries...
2010-01-01 Roland HäderThe yearly copyright-update commit. 2009, 2010 are...
2009-12-26 Roland HäderFix and rewritten to expression language
2009-12-20 Roland HäderSeveral fixes/improvements:
2009-12-19 Roland HäderAdmin/guest menu add fixed
2009-12-19 Roland HäderRewrites/fixes
2009-12-18 Roland HäderTemplate improved, old lost code removed, some fixes
2009-12-18 Roland HäderFix of display-bug in member's overview of points ...
2009-12-16 Roland HäderFixes/rewrites for content-type
2009-12-15 Roland HäderFurther fixes for non-working admin login and debug...
2009-12-15 Roland HäderHuge patchset (I don't recall all details):
2009-12-04 Roland HäderNow, all redirects to index.php points to modules.php...
2009-12-04 Roland HäderMajor cleanup of old-school HTML-mess...
2009-12-04 Roland HäderEven some more HTML cleanups
2009-12-04 Roland HäderMore double quotes to single rewritten, CSS/HTML cleanups
2009-12-03 Roland HäderEndless redirect fixed and needless action/what sets...
2009-12-02 Roland HäderSome SQLs rewritten, unneccessary parameter removed
2009-12-01 Roland HäderDouble->single rewrites and possible fixes for revision...
2009-11-30 Roland HäderBug 'return is not bool' fixed
2009-11-30 Roland HäderFix
2009-11-30 Roland HäderFixes for sometimes over-hashed passwords
2009-11-29 Roland HäderFixes for 'empty extension version bug'
2009-11-29 Roland HäderMore HTML improvements
2009-11-28 Roland Hädermake-euros has replied me, now when you add request...
2009-11-27 Roland Häderext-network continued, documentation updated, stelzi...
2009-11-27 Roland HäderNew generic template added (new CSS classes), some...
2009-11-26 Roland HäderfooRequestElementBar() functions renamed, adding of...
2009-11-26 Roland HäderAdding of request parameters partialy finished
2009-11-26 Roland HäderEditing of network type handler partialy finished
2009-11-26 Roland HäderListing of network type handlers finished
2009-11-25 Roland Häder'close' not 'Close' and PagePeel added to ext-network
2009-11-25 Roland HäderAdding of network type handlers finished (listing is...
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFix for fatal errors
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFixes saving of settings, inconsistency fixed in config...
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFix for missing variable, thanks to wernisman
2009-11-25 Roland HäderMore fixes for installation and extension registration
2009-11-25 Roland HäderNew functions introduced, several rewrites:
2009-11-23 Roland HäderAdding of network advert types partly finished, hard...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderMore HTML rewrites
2009-11-22 Roland HäderRewrite of language strings
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNew-line added
2009-11-22 Roland HäderRefback rewritten: referal id, joined added
2009-11-22 Roland HäderA lot templates rewritten, TODOs.txt updated, XHTML...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNext stage of HTML rewriting, lesser br-tags
2009-11-21 Roland HäderFix for URL detection
2009-11-21 Roland HäderRewrite of all mail templates with user data to new...
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #5
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #4
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #3
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #2
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code
2009-11-18 Roland HäderGlobal rewrite of engine:
2009-11-17 Roland HäderPossible fix
2009-11-17 Roland HäderFix
2009-11-17 Roland HäderExtension ext-repair extended, outdated calls DEBUG_LOG...
2009-11-16 Roland HäderLogin procedure rewritten to filters (internal TODO)
2009-11-16 Roland HäderFix for the fix #2
2009-11-16 Roland HäderFix for the fix
2009-11-16 Roland HäderDouble->single rewrites, fixes for email archive
2009-11-15 Roland HäderPossible fix for userid=0
2009-11-15 Roland HäderObsolete parameters removed/rewritten
2009-11-15 Roland HäderFunction renamed and dublicate code removed
2009-11-15 Roland HäderdetectExtraTemplatePath() cached, ext-network continued:
2009-11-14 Roland HäderMissing SVN properties set
2009-11-12 Roland HäderComments fixed, ext-network continued, fix for mod...
2009-11-11 Roland HäderAnother missing variable fixed
2009-11-11 Roland HäderFix for missing variable
2009-11-09 Roland HäderEditing of network data completed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderAll CSS classes top2,bottom2,right2,left2 are now depre...
2009-11-09 Roland HäderSome old lost language constants fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderFix for #138 and some 'empty version' fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderRedirection fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderLogin bonus fixed, template fixed, referenced to paidli...
2009-11-09 Roland HäderMember login rewritten, TODOs.txt updated
2009-11-09 Roland HäderisNicknameUsed() does no longer check for ext-nickname
2009-11-08 Roland HäderFixes for 'empty version'
2009-11-08 Roland HäderDeprecated templates removed, some code moved to filter...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for module/action/what handling.
2009-11-07 Roland HäderFound some older words, all now Mailer
2009-11-07 Roland HäderLast words removed. :)
2009-11-07 Roland HäderMailer used in many places, we still need a good 'selli...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderInstallation improved, first login:
2009-11-07 Roland HäderHuge HTML/CSS rewrite (see forum)
2009-11-06 Roland HäderRewrites for config in SQLs
2009-11-06 Roland HäderMore fixes for task->sel convert and deprecated script...
2009-11-06 Roland HäderFixes for switch task->sel
2009-11-06 Roland Häderaddslashes() did escape also single quotes (') which...
2009-11-05 Roland HäderFix for trying to get a message from a message (no id)
2009-11-05 Roland HäderFix in templates task->sel for countPostSelection()
2009-11-05 Roland HäderSome more rewrites and fix for countPostSelection()
2009-11-05 Roland HäderRewritten to not use anymore
2009-11-05 Roland HäderFix for user list in rallye
2009-11-05 Roland HäderFix for register
2009-11-05 Roland HäderSome rewrites
2009-11-05 Roland HäderListing of participating users in rallye fixed
2009-11-05 Roland HäderCases (switch command) on numbers fixed, German languag...
2009-11-05 Roland HäderFix for rallye