Fixes missing variable CSS in installation phase. Resolved #15
[mailer.git] / inc / mysql-connect.php
2008-12-22 Roland HäderFixes missing variable CSS in installation phase. Resol...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderMore fixes for 'theme vs. extensions'
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for always default theme showed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderMissing updated files added
2008-12-18 Roland HäderMajor fixes in filters/extensions, other improvements:
2008-12-18 Roland HäderBegan to rewrite whole script for newly added filters...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderSQL removal list table is now 100%, SQL error in ext...
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFix for missing function GET_CURR_THEME()
2008-12-17 Roland HäderMahor rewrite:
2008-12-17 Roland HäderMore fixes for cache, extension and filter sub-system
2008-12-16 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for extension handling
2008-12-16 Roland HäderHeavily rewritten API:
2008-12-16 Roland HäderFrameset support entirely removed, TODO extended, minor...
2008-11-26 Roland HäderA lot more nice improvements!
2008-11-25 Roland HäderSeveral fixes and and improvements:
2008-11-07 Roland HäderAdmin user details extended, DEBUG_LOG() rewritten...
2008-10-19 Roland HäderMore fixes, missing js.php added
2008-10-12 Roland HäderExtension 'debug' introduced (dummy!), fix for guest...
2008-10-10 Roland HäderExtension 'yoomedia' now alpha status, some rewrites
2008-10-02 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-10-02 Roland HäderNow temporary removed
2008-10-01 Roland HäderAnonymity/privacy extension 'removeip' added
2008-09-29 Roland HäderRefback extension in alpha phase finished, users can...
2008-09-27 Roland HäderLink to forum added
2008-09-27 Roland HäderError handler activated
2008-09-24 Roland Häder- Surfbar further extended, currently broken!
2008-09-23 Roland HäderFix for installation phase (thx to AndreasJung)
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFixes for installation mode
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFixes for sending pool
2008-09-21 Roland HäderFix for the fix... ;-)
2008-09-21 Roland HäderSome fixes for isBooleanConstantAndTrue()
2008-09-16 Roland HäderSecurity line in all includes changed
2008-09-14 Roland Häder- Concept of a safe for collected points added
2008-09-12 Roland HäderReset rewritten, SQL fixed, zeros are now numeric
2008-09-08 Roland HäderDebug mode removed from reset
2008-09-08 Roland Häder- Daily/weekly/monthly reset completely rewritten
2008-09-06 Roland HäderTons of rewrites (SQL queries), surfbar nearly finished...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderSurfbar now has admin menu (dummy extension!), menu...
2008-08-27 Roland HäderVariable naming convention applied, previous fix fixed ;)
2008-08-27 Roland Häder* Dummy extension "yoomedia" added for Yoo! Media's...
2008-05-21 Roland HäderRandom code generation added. This can be used for...
2008-05-16 Roland HäderMore fixes for admin password hashing
2008-02-22 Roland Häderreading and checking for session variables rewritten
2008-02-22 Roland Hädermore boolean constants improved
2008-02-22 Roland Häderhandling of boolean constants improved (not fully)
2008-02-18 Roland Hädermore in naming convention applied, you should better...
2008-02-18 Roland Hädercookies rewritten to session
2008-02-17 Roland Häderwernis extension is now alpha code (only listing in...
2008-02-14 Roland HäderObsolete function is_SQLwriteable() removed (never...
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared