svn:eol-style set to 'native'
[mailer.git] / inc / phpmailer / test / phpunit.php
2011-04-20 Roland Hädersvn:eol-style set to 'native'
2010-09-14 Roland HäderSVN properties globally set
2010-03-05 Roland HäderPHPMailer updated to 2.0.4 excluding phpdocs directory
2009-11-05 Roland HäderHuge rewrite of default parameters, ext-network continued:
2009-03-07 Roland HäderThis files should remain as 3d-party
2009-03-07 Roland HäderRe-added, now the right ones
2009-03-04 Roland HäderPHPMailer updated to 2.0.3
2008-10-02 Roland HäderRe-added
2008-10-02 Roland HäderNow temporary removed
2008-03-05 Roland Häderredirection of invalid or deleted mail orders improved...
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared