Filter support added to template engine, functions renamed
[mailer.git] / inc /
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFilter support added to template engine, functions...
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFix for fatal errors
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFixes saving of settings, inconsistency fixed in config...
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFix for missing variable, thanks to wernisman
2009-11-25 Roland HäderScripts doesn't die, they abort only
2009-11-25 Roland HäderVariable conflict solved
2009-11-25 Roland HäderLogging removed
2009-11-25 Roland HäderMore fixes for installation and extension registration
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFixes for installation phase, old lost call of FILTER_C...
2009-11-25 Roland HäderFixed wrong filter registrations
2009-11-25 Roland HäderNew functions introduced, several rewrites:
2009-11-24 Roland HäderFixes for creating of new tasks (double escape breakes...
2009-11-24 Roland HäderExtension ext-grade introduced
2009-11-24 Roland Häderdebug_report_bug() does call app_die() again (internal...
2009-11-23 Roland HäderAdding of network advert types partly finished, hard...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderMore fixes for redirect vs. regular output, thanks...
2009-11-22 Roland Häderdie() removed... :(
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNow also deflate, but gzip first
2009-11-22 Roland HäderFix for output to bots, 'slurp' is now detected
2009-11-22 Roland HäderMore HTML rewrites
2009-11-22 Roland HäderRewrite of language strings
2009-11-22 Roland HäderFix...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderMenu moved to extension
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNew-line added
2009-11-22 Roland HäderRefback rewritten: referal id, joined added
2009-11-22 Roland HäderFixes for refback mail
2009-11-22 Roland HäderA lot templates rewritten, TODOs.txt updated, XHTML...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderDouble quotes to single converted, TODOs.txt updated
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNext stage of HTML rewriting, lesser br-tags
2009-11-21 Roland HäderNow total received mails are reduced if no entry in...
2009-11-21 Roland HäderWorkaround for missing function, this will be better...
2009-11-21 Roland HäderFix empty delimiter in isSpider()
2009-11-21 Roland HäderFix for URL detection
2009-11-21 Roland HäderRewrite of all mail templates with user data to new...
2009-11-20 Roland HäderNow extension code must be inserted like {%ext,version...
2009-11-18 Roland HäderEven more fixes #2
2009-11-18 Roland HäderEven more fixes
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for fix :(
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for double-add of URL
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for non-working rewrite-links (still this is lame...
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #5
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #4
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #3
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code #2
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFix for rewritting code
2009-11-18 Roland HäderFinal fixes for admin logout
2009-11-18 Roland HäderGlobal rewrite of engine:
2009-11-17 Roland HäderFix for {PER} in queries...
2009-11-17 Roland HäderAnother hack...
2009-11-17 Roland HäderHack for old/new mixtures in email addresses ('{DOT...
2009-11-17 Roland HäderPossible fix #2
2009-11-17 Roland HäderPossible fix
2009-11-17 Roland HäderDebug mails added
2009-11-17 Roland HäderFix
2009-11-17 Roland HäderExtension ext-repair extended, outdated calls DEBUG_LOG...
2009-11-16 Roland HäderLanguage definitions removed in english pack due to...
2009-11-16 Roland HäderColumn span fixed, fatal error fixed
2009-11-16 Roland HäderLogin procedure rewritten to filters (internal TODO)
2009-11-16 Roland HäderFix for the fix #2
2009-11-16 Roland HäderFix for the fix
2009-11-16 Roland HäderDouble->single rewrites, fixes for email archive
2009-11-15 Roland HäderHandling of empty results
2009-11-15 Roland HäderMissing language string added
2009-11-15 Roland Häderjquery will not become an extension in the future
2009-11-15 Roland HäderPossible fix for userid=0
2009-11-15 Roland HäderFixes for previous rewrite
2009-11-15 Roland HäderObsolete parameters removed/rewritten
2009-11-15 Roland HäderFunction renamed and dublicate code removed
2009-11-15 Roland HäderdetectExtraTemplatePath() cached, ext-network continued:
2009-11-14 Roland HäderMissing SVN properties set
2009-11-12 Roland HäderComments fixed, ext-network continued, fix for mod...
2009-11-11 Roland HäderAnother missing variable fixed
2009-11-11 Roland HäderFix for missing variable
2009-11-10 Roland HäderSome code 'beatuified', config in templates surfbar_sto...
2009-11-09 Roland HäderEditing of network data completed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderFixes for HTML in extension menu SQLs. :(
2009-11-09 Roland HäderAll CSS classes top2,bottom2,right2,left2 are now depre...
2009-11-09 Roland HäderSome old lost language constants fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderFix for #138 and some 'empty version' fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderRedirection fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderLogin bonus fixed, template fixed, referenced to paidli...
2009-11-09 Roland HäderMember login rewritten, TODOs.txt updated
2009-11-09 Roland HäderYet another 'empty version' fixed
2009-11-09 Roland HäderSQL fix
2009-11-09 Roland Häderext was missing, fixed error message
2009-11-09 Roland HäderisNicknameUsed() does no longer check for ext-nickname
2009-11-08 Roland HäderSome German-Umlauts fixed to entities
2009-11-08 Roland HäderFixes for 'empty version'
2009-11-08 Roland Häderdiv->span and full path removed in debug output
2009-11-08 Roland HäderDeprecated templates removed, some code moved to filter...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for module/action/what handling.
2009-11-07 Roland HäderFound some older words, all now Mailer
2009-11-07 Roland HäderLast words removed. :)
2009-11-07 Roland HäderMailer used in many places, we still need a good 'selli...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderMissing configuration fixed
2009-11-07 Roland HäderInstallation improved, first login:
2009-11-07 Roland HäderYet another fix for missing 'def_refid' in install...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderMissing function added
2009-11-07 Roland HäderFlushing template cache is anoying while developing...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderFixes for installation