Renamed templates + added some filters for mail order
[mailer.git] / robots.txt
2013-01-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-network cleaned up
2013-01-08 Roland HäderAdded more logging of half-failed AJAX requests
2013-01-06 Roland HäderThese scripts don't need to be included in seaech engin...
2012-09-29 Roland Hädermailer project continued:
2011-09-26 Roland HäderReverted last commit
2011-09-26 Roland HäderHotfix
2011-08-07 Roland HäderDon't exclude the waybackmaschine
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see
2008-12-19 Roland Häderrobots.txt forbids robots to enter inc and templates...
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared