Some old lost language constants fixed
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / admin / admin_add_surfbar_url.tpl
2009-11-09 Roland HäderSome old lost language constants fixed
2009-11-07 Roland HäderHuge HTML/CSS rewrite (see forum)
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constants rewritten to getConfig()
2009-02-09 Roland HäderMore HTML tags ported to XHTML (all lower-case), bug...
2008-12-02 Roland HäderSome fixes, surfbar fixed reload is now in select boxes
2008-12-02 Roland HäderTemplates rewritten/fixed, surfbar extended with per...
2008-11-09 Roland HäderLock reason now saved in DB, deleted accounts shall...
2008-09-25 Roland Häder- Notification mode added to surfbar (dummy!)
2008-09-09 Roland HäderMore fixes for points booking and surfbar