A lot has been rewritten, ext-teams added, ext-forced continued:
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / admin / admin_edit_surfbar_urls_row.tpl
2011-07-28 Roland HäderA lot has been rewritten, ext-teams added, ext-forced...
2010-09-02 Roland HäderConfiguration of advertisement networks prepared, CSS...
2010-06-29 Roland HäderA lot code rewritten:
2010-06-20 Roland HäderYet another bunch of EL/surfbar fixes
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFixes for ext-surfbar (the usual asset)
2010-03-31 Roland HäderComplete refacture for previously discovered inconsistency
2010-03-31 Roland HäderSeveral fixes/improvements, new function introduced:
2009-11-09 Roland HäderAll CSS classes top2,bottom2,right2,left2 are now depre...
2009-11-07 Roland HäderHuge HTML/CSS rewrite (see forum)
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see forum.mxchange.org/topic-458...
2008-09-23 Roland HäderSurfbar continued (unfinished) and some updates:
2008-09-11 Roland HäderCode-style applied, surfbar URLs can now be edited