CSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / guest / guest_register_refid.tpl
2010-08-17 Roland HäderCSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
2010-06-28 Roland HäderEven more rewrites to EL
2009-12-04 Roland HäderMajor cleanup of old-school HTML-mess...
2009-11-22 Roland HäderMore HTML rewrites #3
2009-02-19 Roland HäderAll database names are now 'back-ticked' and constant...
2009-02-09 Roland HäderMore HTML tags ported to XHTML (all lower-case), bug...
2008-09-27 Roland HäderMore fixes for reflink and rallye extension
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared