Rewrites for installation phase:
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / install / install_fatal_errors.tpl
2010-07-06 Roland HäderRewrites for installation phase:
2010-06-29 Roland HäderEven more fixes for surfbar, EL rewrites
2009-11-22 Roland HäderNext stage of HTML rewriting, lesser br-tags
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see
2009-03-17 Roland HäderHeader now bigger again
2009-03-17 Roland HäderInstallation page=welcome rewritten to use div
2009-03-07 Roland HäderMore XHTML-fied and extended header added to templates
2009-02-19 Roland HäderAll, except security block, include()/require() rewritt...