CSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / mailid / mailid_points_done.tpl
2010-08-17 Roland HäderCSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
2010-07-20 Roland HäderEven more language strings renamed
2010-07-10 Roland HäderNew wrapper function introduced, more EL rewrites:
2010-05-28 Roland HäderEven more rewrites/fixes from EL branch (please report...
2010-04-05 Roland HäderFix for missing array elements
2009-11-18 Roland HäderForced space removed
2009-11-08 Roland Häderdiv->span and full path removed in debug output
2009-11-07 Roland HäderHuge HTML/CSS rewrite (see forum)
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constants rewritten to getConfig()
2009-10-10 Roland HäderA lot constants rewritten to array elements
2009-02-19 Roland HäderAll database names are now 'back-ticked' and constant...
2009-02-09 Roland HäderMore HTML tags ported to XHTML (all lower-case), bug...
2009-02-08 Roland HäderHTML->XHTML preparation (still *A LOT* to convert
2008-08-31 Roland HäderXHTML fixes (not fully valid)
2008-02-06 Roland Häderconstant inclusion in templates begun to rewrite. SMTP...
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranch prepared