Surfbar now has start/stop button
[mailer.git] / templates / de / html / surfbar / surfbar_frame_top.tpl
2008-09-17 Roland HäderSurfbar now has start/stop button
2008-09-09 Roland HäderMore fixes for points booking and surfbar
2008-09-08 Roland HäderFinal fix for x length
2008-09-08 Roland Häder- Daily/weekly/monthly reset completely rewritten
2008-09-08 Roland HäderSurfbar counter rewritten
2008-09-08 Roland HäderAmount of points displayed in surfbar, more fixes
2008-09-08 Roland HäderSpaces removed...
2008-09-06 Roland HäderLogout link fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderStart of surfbar slowed down by halt second
2008-09-06 Roland HäderClose link fixed in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderSurfbar fixed, more fixes in core, templates fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderTons of rewrites (SQL queries), surfbar nearly finished...