Compilation time added, some compileCode() calles removed, ADMIN_WHAT_404 added
[mailer.git] / templates /
2009-11-04 Roland HäderTypo 'referral'->'referal' fixed, more 'empty version...
2009-11-04 Roland HäderNew function fetchUserData() introduced to API, total...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderMore fixes to templates
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixes for reset
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixes for missing user data in referal list
2009-11-03 Roland HäderRewrite to display correct message
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixed... :(
2009-11-03 Roland HäderReverted
2009-11-03 Roland HäderSome German text corrected
2009-11-03 Roland HäderA lot texts rewritten and exclamation signs removed
2009-11-03 Roland HäderWords 'User-Id' in German language replace with 'Mitgli...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderHTML fix
2009-11-03 Roland HäderTypo fixed :(
2009-11-03 Roland HäderNew extension added, ext-uberwach rewritten (unfinished...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSome entities created. I have US layout here, but they...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderMissing header 'Content-Transfer-Encoding' added, templ...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderResult from mass-edit fixed...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSpecial characters, like German Umlaute, rewritten...
2009-11-01 Roland HädersecureString() does now no longer encode in entities...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for UTF-8, ext-network continued (still...
2009-10-31 Roland HäderNew CSS class 'pre' added
2009-10-31 Roland HäderSome improvements
2009-10-31 Roland Häderalt->alternate fixed
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix for template
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMIME header and UTF-8 added
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix for header.tpl
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes for email delivery
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMT_WORD is old, mt_word is new
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes for menu system (still SQL is broken)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore HTML code swapped into templates (#68 again)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMember ref-link page swapped out to templates (#68)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes (constants still there)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderReverted from
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes for menus
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixes for transfer member->member
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFix for endless loop
2009-10-29 Roland HäderQueries improved, output-bug fixed in points overview
2009-10-29 Roland HäderSQL query and inconsistencies fixed, TODOs.txt updated
2009-10-29 Roland HäderIndex and language fixes
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore filters created, TODOs.txt updated, config_mediada...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderLink in user profiles rewritten to use nickname, if set
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore rewrites, and output-mode fixed (we should documen...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderSeveral array indexes renamed, TODOs.txt updated
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes for bonus ranking
2009-10-28 Roland HäderRewrites from to , fixes
2009-10-28 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for broken actions (sorry for lame text)
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes for POST setter, template and others
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFix for broken admin_user_details.tpl
2009-10-28 Roland HäderHTML fix and double->single converted
2009-10-28 Roland HäderDeprecated template removed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderConflict solved between ext-profile and ext-update
2009-10-28 Roland HäderDeprecated scripts/templates removed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderCaching again rewritten, admin functions fixed:
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFurther fixes for installation phase and endless loop
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see
2009-10-11 Roland HäderConstants rewritten (internal TODO)
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constant replaces will its real text
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constants rewritten to getConfig()
2009-10-10 Roland HäderSome language strings rewritten to use getMessage()
2009-10-10 Roland HäderRef link fixed, nickname fixed, several rewrites, TODOs...
2009-10-10 Roland HäderA lot constants rewritten to array elements
2009-10-07 Roland HäderLogin form for guests in surfbar added, some trigger_er...
2009-10-05 Roland HäderBetter out, then it is automatic
2009-10-05 Roland HäderScrollbar enabled for url frame...
2009-10-05 Roland HäderTOTAL_REFS removed/rewritten to TOTAL_REFERRALS
2009-10-05 Roland HäderMore misc fixes and rewrites (sorry, lame description)
2009-09-22 Roland HäderHeavy rewrite:
2009-08-26 Roland HäderCaching of filters added (should work now)
2009-07-31 Roland HäderNow no longer in admin area
2009-07-31 Roland HäderScript extended with JavaScript templates and ext-uberw...
2009-07-29 Roland HäderSeveral double->single convertions, fix for missing...
2009-07-29 Roland HäderFixed bug in surfbar member list
2009-07-29 Roland HäderCSS classes rewritten to ids to let JavaScript insert...
2009-07-28 Roland HäderPossible fix for #125, applied fixes from profi-concept...
2009-07-27 Roland HäderDeprecated action=login (admin area) removed
2009-07-26 Roland HäderSome rewrites, TODOs handled:
2009-07-26 Roland HäderSome fixes for surfbar extension (#123), double->single...
2009-07-26 Roland HäderSeveral CSS fixes for quite better look
2009-06-21 Roland HäderNew method generateExtensionInactiveMessage() introduced
2009-06-06 Roland HäderDeprecation of ext-rewrite as of ext-seo prepared and...
2009-06-06 Roland HäderFix for template ext_lead.tpl, thanks to narutofanxxxll
2009-04-06 Roland Häderconfig.php partly solved, see #117
2009-04-03 Roland HäderNew naming convention applied to many functions, see...
2009-04-02 Roland HäderYet another more XHTML fixes
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes #3
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes #2
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes
2009-04-02 Roland HäderXHTML fix
2009-03-28 Roland HäderTable in div container converted
2009-03-28 Roland HäderText is now centered
2009-03-28 Roland HäderSome HTML issues fixed
2009-03-28 Roland HäderRewrites for div/CSS (show_timings_box is not centered)
2009-03-26 Roland HäderMore fixes for constants
2009-03-17 Roland HäderHeader now bigger again
2009-03-17 Roland HäderInstallation page=welcome rewritten to use div
2009-03-17 Roland HäderDescription for new ext-menu added
2009-03-17 Roland HäderMore rewrites from double- to single-quote
2009-03-12 Roland HäderTypos fixed, br->div converted
2009-03-12 Roland Häderthemes_*.tpl moved