A lot CSS classes rewritten, please update all your themes.
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2010-08-25 Roland HäderA lot CSS classes rewritten, please update all your...
2010-08-17 Roland HäderCSS classes cleaned up, templates simplified:
2010-07-24 Roland HäderTheme 'org' now requires css.php or inline mode
2010-07-24 Roland HäderMore rewrites/fixes (not all is fixed) for ext-sponsor
2010-06-29 Roland HäderTheme renamed, missing dash added (minor fixes)
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNew function isValidUserid() introduced, more rewrites...
2010-06-23 Roland HäderEven more fixes/improvements:
2010-06-08 Roland HäderCSS classes do not need _css suffix/prefix
2010-06-08 Roland HäderInvisible/locked menus are now styleable with CSS class...
2010-03-04 Roland Hädermxchange.org theme released (have fun with it)