2009-12-07 Roland HäderName change applied
2009-12-02 Roland HäderGlobal fix for svn::execuetable ... :(
2009-12-02 Roland HäderGlobal fix/add/update:
2009-09-07 Roland Hä rewritten
2009-09-05 Roland Häder'template_class' renamed to 'web_template_class'
2009-08-30 Roland HäderInstance variable rewritten
2009-08-21 Roland HäderUpdated to latest core changes
2009-08-21 Roland HäderWeb output instance added
2009-08-11 Roland HäderCopyright fixed
2009-07-31 Roland HäderMissing 2nd argument added
2009-07-28 Roland HäderreadConfig() is not naming convention, renamed to getCo...
2009-05-01 Roland HäderGeneric index.php updated from hub project
2009-04-03 Roland HäderStatic method detectCorePath() must be added to Applica...
2009-03-24 Roland HäderDouble-quotes rewritten to single-quotes
2009-03-19 Roland HäderCopyright updated in trunk
2009-03-14 Roland HäderUpdated to latest core revision, a lot debug constants...
2009-03-14 Roland HäderTemplates moved from core to add directory
2009-03-13 Roland HäderRewritten to use scanClassPath()
2009-03-11 Roland Hädertm removed
2009-03-10 Roland HäderAdded missing method buildMasterTemplateName()
2009-03-06 Roland HäderTab-stop is now 5
2008-12-09 Roland HäderCastings rewritten
2008-11-20 Roland HäderFixed script
2008-11-19 Roland HäderMoved to repository 'core' (not yet done)
2008-11-19 Roland HäderLauncher scripts updated
2008-11-19 Roland HäderCode merged from ship-simu repository
2008-10-09 Roland HäderCode base synced
2008-09-28 Roland HäderCode base synced, updated
2008-08-26 Roland HäderCode merge from ship-simu
2008-08-18 Roland HäderProject name updated
2008-08-18 Roland HäderCode syncronized with shipsimu code base
2008-06-15 Roland HäderRemoved wrong classes
2008-06-15 Roland HäderCode sync from ship-simu code (all class config entries...
2008-06-11 Roland HäderMore code merged from ship-simu
2008-06-11 Roland HäderTests added, dublicate classes removed
2008-05-31 Roland HäderCode merge from latest Ship-Simu code
2008-05-31 Roland HäderComment header fixed
2008-05-31 Roland HäderOld class removed
2008-05-31 Roland HäderOld classes removed
2008-05-31 Roland HäderCode merge from latest ship-simu code
2008-05-24 Roland HäderDocumentation moved to new repository 'shipsimu-docs'
2008-05-17 Roland HäderInvalid tests removed
2008-05-17 Roland HäderCode merged from ship-simu codebase
2008-05-11 Roland HäderFiles merged from ship-simu project
2008-04-21 Roland HäderMissing files added
2008-04-21 Roland Häderconfig fix
2008-03-15 Roland Häderfirst unit test for configuration sub system added
2008-03-13 Roland Hädermore 'final' statements added
2008-03-13 Roland HäderMore exceptions added, class loader can now load extra...
2008-03-13 Roland Hädersupport for view helpers added
2008-03-13 Roland HäderNew exception introduced, minor parts rewritten
2008-03-08 Roland Hädertype hints added, unnessarry casts removed
2008-03-08 Roland Hädergetter, setter are all final; several code clean-ups
2008-03-03 Roland Hädercore code merged, interfaces OutputStreamer implemented
2008-03-03 Roland Hädersome comments fixed, small fix for windows OSes and...
2008-02-08 Roland HäderDefault application is now mxchange
2008-02-03 Roland HäderCopyrights added
2008-02-03 Roland Häder0.3.0 inital import
2008-02-03 Roland Häderbranched
2008-02-03 Roland Hädertemplate
2008-02-03 Roland Hädermore fixes for missing extensions
2008-02-02 Roland Häderno more needed
2008-02-02 Roland Hädermy lead-code removed
2008-02-02 Roland Häderuserid secure in redirect
2008-02-02 Roland Häderclick.php fix
2008-02-02 Roland Häderfixes
2008-02-02 Roland Häderlogical fix
2008-02-02 Roland Häderfinal fix for banner loader
2008-02-02 Roland Häderfix of the fix
2008-02-02 Roland HäderFix for loading referral banner
2008-02-01 Roland Häderdot is gone...
2008-02-01 Roland Hädertypo fixed
2008-02-01 Roland Häderreferral levels are saved now. the script was telling...
2008-02-01 Roland Häderallow_direct_pay fixed
2008-02-01 Roland Häderfooter banner
2008-02-01 Roland Häderskyscraper support in guest area
2008-02-01 Roland Häderno module fix
2008-02-01 Roland HäderFixed broken german umlauts
2008-02-01 Roland Hädermail delipery fixed
2008-01-31 Roland HäderBack-ported to PHP4 (type-hints removed)
2008-01-30 Roland Häderwin32 to unix line delimiters changed
2008-01-29 Roland Häder- obsolete templates/scripts removed
2008-01-28 Roland Häderhtaccess
2008-01-28 Roland HäderCategory edit/delete fixed
2008-01-27 Roland HäderCode rewritings, load base config improved and many...
2008-01-25 Roland HäderRefactured
2008-01-25 Roland HäderList active/inactive extensions
2008-01-25 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2008-01-24 Roland HäderIgnored
2008-01-24 Roland HäderIgnored for eclipse
2008-01-24 Roland Häder(no commit message)