2011-07-12 Roland HäderFile renamed to naming convention, ext-repair continued:
2011-07-12 Roland HäderMinor cleanups/renaming
2011-07-12 Roland HäderWrapper introduced, renaming to the naming convention:
2011-07-12 Roland HäderIntroduced makeNullToZero()
2011-07-12 Roland HäderAlso this is fixed?
2011-07-12 Roland Häderext-refback is now longer essential for the referal...
2011-07-12 Roland HäderCode moved around (referal-functions.php added)
2011-07-12 Roland HäderRewrites to use fake POST data
2011-07-12 Roland HäderReferal system rewritten, ext-refback continued:
2011-07-12 Roland HäderRewrites for a little easier adding of additional param...
2011-07-12 Roland HäderNaming fixed #2
2011-07-12 Roland HäderNaming fixed
2011-07-12 Roland HäderRewrites/fixes for depending extension updates
2011-07-12 Roland HäderFixes
2011-07-12 Roland HäderPlease investigate those aborts
2011-07-12 Roland HäderMore debug infos
2011-07-12 Roland HäderReferal system refactured (and some parts fixed), wrapp...
2011-07-12 Roland HäderFixes for referal system, shell scripts overworked:
2011-07-11 Roland HäderSeveral code cleanups:
2011-07-11 Roland HäderOpps ...
2011-07-11 Roland HäderMissed this to rename ...
2011-07-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-surfbar continued:
2011-07-11 Roland HäderFixes/rewrites for ext-surfbar:
2011-07-11 Roland HäderFixes for JavaScript in member booking with set limit
2011-07-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-surfbar continued, WHERE statement suppor...
2011-07-11 Roland HäderSurfbar actions will never be deleted/locked/undeleted
2011-07-11 Roland HäderSome fixes,re-orders and ext-surfbar actions are now...
2011-07-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-surfbar continued, fixes:
2011-07-09 Roland HäderRenames (fixes)
2011-07-09 Roland HäderBonus mails are now editable, duplicate message ids...
2011-07-09 Roland HäderMore fixes, random refid accounts displayed in front...
2011-07-09 Roland HäderMore fixes (missing array elements)
2011-07-09 Roland HäderRemoved
2011-07-09 Roland HäderRenamed
2011-07-09 Roland HäderMore fixes
2011-07-09 Roland HäderMore fixes for ext-surfbar:
2011-07-09 Roland HäderWrapper function for configuration introduced, config...
2011-07-09 Roland HäderXML parser introduced, ext-surfbar rewritten, more...
2011-07-08 Roland HäderaddCreateTableSql() is now more encapsulated
2011-07-08 Roland HäderLIMIT 1 added
2011-07-08 Roland HäderExtension ext-grade continued, functions for menu SQLs...
2011-07-08 Roland HäderMore usage of EL code, no longer required checks removed:
2011-07-06 Roland HäderMore use of EL code
2011-07-06 Roland HäderMore code parts could take advantage of previously...
2011-07-06 Roland HädergetUserData() does now tollerate missing table columns...
2011-07-06 Roland Häderdebug_report_bug() was a bit to harsh here
2011-07-06 Roland HäderPossible fix for 'User id 0 is invalid'
2011-07-06 Roland HäderChecking new member registrations is now done with...
2011-07-05 Roland Häder- Rewrites to use more the userid than the actual email...
2011-07-05 Roland HäderFunction is now cached
2011-07-05 Roland HäderFix
2011-07-05 Roland HäderWay more usage of EL code:
2011-07-05 Roland HäderMore EL and fixes for title strings
2011-07-05 Roland HäderA major bugfix for extension registration, ext-coupon...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFix for link title
2011-07-04 Roland HäderMore rewrites to use EL code
2011-07-04 Roland HäderInstallation rewritten to use more EL code
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFixes/improvements, missing version 0.1.3 for ext-autpu...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderHopefully the final fixes
2011-07-04 Roland HäderAdded a check for isExtensionUpdateRunning() in updateE...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderRemove filters on uninstallation
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFix #1002
2011-07-04 Roland HäderReferal level is now NULL
2011-07-04 Roland HäderMissing rows should be created
2011-07-04 Roland HäderRewrite
2011-07-04 Roland HäderRequired fix for NULL vs. 0 in user_points
2011-07-04 Roland HäderRenamed ... :(
2011-07-04 Roland HäderMore fixes/missing language id added
2011-07-04 Roland HäderPossible fixes
2011-07-04 Roland HäderIntroduced missing function getPaymentMethodFromExtensi...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderShort is sweeter again
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFix #1001 ...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFixes/rewrites
2011-07-04 Roland HäderShorter and sweeter
2011-07-04 Roland HäderIntroduced translateTaskType()
2011-07-04 Roland HäderThis way ...
2011-07-04 Roland HäderFixes
2011-07-04 Roland HäderParse error fixed #2
2011-07-04 Roland HäderParse error fixed
2011-07-04 Roland HäderExtension ext-grade continued, a lot renames:
2011-07-03 Roland HäderOpps ...
2011-07-03 Roland HäderInactive developer 'profi-concept' moved to inactive...
2011-07-03 Roland HäderCountless fixes, ext-grade started:
2011-07-02 Roland HäderMake sure that extension versions not 0.0.0 are handled...
2011-07-02 Roland HäderEmpty but required-not-empty variables needs now bugfixing
2011-07-02 Roland HäderGetting total/own points rewritten to filter:
2011-07-01 Roland HäderDescription made more clear
2011-06-30 Roland HäderAlso ext-user needs to be excluded here
2011-06-30 Roland Häder0.0.0 shall be our first version
2011-06-30 Roland HäderDisplay a proper message for non-productive extensions
2011-06-30 Roland HäderExtension ext-user needs to be installed for ref.php...
2011-06-30 Roland HäderFixes for absent ext-user and misleading data removed
2011-06-30 Roland HäderMissed default value but had already closed editor :(
2011-06-30 Roland HäderCode cleanups, ext-booking continued:
2011-06-30 Roland HäderTable user_book renamed to user_booking, isExtensionOld...
2011-06-30 Roland HäderA lot email templates renamed, SQL fixed:
2011-06-30 Roland Häder'NO-ACL' is more clear that we don't have an ACL for...
2011-06-30 Roland HäderEven more checks for ext-user
2011-06-30 Roland HäderA missing ext-user could also cause errors here ...
2011-06-30 Roland HäderBetter this way