2008-12-19 Roland HäderFixes for sponsor admin area
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for broken admin_add_sponsor template
2008-12-19 Roland Häderrobots.txt forbids robots to enter inc and templates...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix in CREATE_EXTENSION_DEACTIVATION_TASK() and coding...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderAgain, sorry...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFinal fixes for SQL execution
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFixes for SQL execution and deprecated files removed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFixes for running SQL queries
2008-12-19 Roland HäderMore fixes for 'theme vs. extensions'
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for always default theme showed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderMissing updated files added
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFinal fixes for 'loading cache vs. filters vs. extensio...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFixes for extension registration
2008-12-19 Roland HäderAgain missing... :(
2008-12-19 Roland HäderINC_POOL -> data renamed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFixes for filter 'load_includes'
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for failed cache tries, problems with modules are...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for INSERT INTO query
2008-12-19 Roland HäderLogging of mails if DEBUG_MAIL is defined removed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderError fixed in what-order.php
2008-12-19 Roland HäderDebug line added and inserting of ref-level 0 fixed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderDebug lines commented out
2008-12-19 Roland HäderVariable rewritten to ['ref_level'] to avoid trouble...
2008-12-19 Roland HäderExtensions 'admins' and 'task' are now always active
2008-12-19 Roland HäderYet-another fix... :(
2008-12-19 Roland HäderVariable fixed
2008-12-19 Roland HäderSeveral bugfixes, getMessage() introduced
2008-12-19 Roland HäderMissing URL blacklist tabled (re-)added
2008-12-19 Roland HäderFix for undefined variable cnt in mails sending pool...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderMediadata extension now creates the guest menu link...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderChecking for admin ACL now as filter
2008-12-18 Roland HäderExtension 'active' now depends on 'online' because...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderFixes for extension removal, now directly sent to...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderMajor fixes in filters/extensions, other improvements:
2008-12-18 Roland HäderBegan to rewrite whole script for newly added filters...
2008-12-18 Roland HäderSQL removal list table is now 100%, SQL error in ext...
2008-12-18 Roland Häder needs to be global :(
2008-12-18 Roland HäderFix for missing variables, thanks to monakoianar
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFixes for cache/theme
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFix for missing function GET_CURR_THEME()
2008-12-17 Roland HäderRewrites for installation of sql_patches
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFix for double function GET_CURR_THEME()
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFixes for 'Can't use function return value in write...
2008-12-17 Roland HäderFix for installation phase, thanks to schatty
2008-12-17 Roland HäderMahor rewrite:
2008-12-17 Roland HäderDebug line removed
2008-12-17 Roland HäderMore fixes for cache, extension and filter sub-system
2008-12-16 Roland HäderFix for missing solved tasks
2008-12-16 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for extension handling
2008-12-16 Roland HäderDeprecated files removed
2008-12-16 Roland HäderHeavily rewritten API:
2008-12-16 Roland HäderMore SQL rewrites, TODO: Put all table and column names...
2008-12-16 Roland HäderFrameset support entirely removed, TODO extended, minor...
2008-12-15 Roland HäderCache depency was to strict
2008-12-14 Roland HäderMissing changed files added
2008-12-14 Roland HäderSurfbar rewritten from input boxes to selection boxes
2008-12-14 Roland HäderMinor rewrites to brackets, admin welcome page rewritte...
2008-12-13 Roland HäderExtension updates should now work (cache refresh is...
2008-12-13 Roland HäderNew extension added, update activated, TODO extended:
2008-12-13 Roland Häderdeactivation of deprecated extensions added
2008-12-13 Roland HäderMore fixes for extension loader / broken cache files
2008-12-12 Roland HäderExtension loader rewritten and no more needed cache...
2008-12-12 Roland HäderCache class rewritten to better convention
2008-12-12 Roland HäderMinor rewrites to sending pools
2008-12-12 Roland HäderSending pool splitted (prepared for upcoming feature)
2008-12-12 Roland HäderUnsupported extensions removed, several rewrites to...
2008-12-11 Roland HäderIf no extension 'other' is installed, 16 years is hard...
2008-12-09 Roland HäderUpdate revision, we need a better solution here!
2008-12-09 Roland HäderNow ignoring extra files like secret key, debug log...
2008-12-09 Roland HäderIndex 'turbo' renamed to 'points'
2008-12-09 Roland HäderUndefined indexes sname and fname fixed
2008-12-09 Roland HäderTemplate fixed
2008-12-09 Roland HäderFix for undefined index 'last'
2008-12-09 Roland HäderNew extension added, minor fixes, new author added
2008-12-07 Roland HäderTimeout on cache files removed, may have caused some...
2008-12-06 Roland HäderFix for wrong array index
2008-12-06 Roland HäderFixes for beg.php
2008-12-06 Roland Häder__CFG_MIN_AGE fixed
2008-12-06 Roland HäderSome more fixes
2008-12-06 Roland HäderSome fixes in cache, GET_LANGUAGE() is now memory-cache...
2008-12-06 Roland HäderTypo fixed... ;-(
2008-12-05 Roland HäderCache does no longer try to close non-existing cache
2008-12-05 Roland HäderCache system rewritten, thanks to profi-concept's hints...
2008-12-05 Roland HäderAnother fix for reset scripts (bonus)
2008-12-05 Roland HäderMore fixes applied from profi-conecpt, cache system...
2008-12-05 Roland HäderMore fixes from profi-concept for extension loading...
2008-12-05 Roland HäderMore extension-depending menus secured
2008-12-05 Roland HäderMore fixes, menus are no longer set visible if extensio...
2008-12-05 Roland HäderMissing templates/language strings added for migrated...
2008-12-04 Roland HäderMore default values rewritten, UNSIGNED added to many...
2008-12-03 Roland HäderDebug comments rewritten
2008-12-03 Roland HäderSome rewrites to refback, TRANSLATE_COMMA()
2008-12-03 Roland HäderDang!
2008-12-03 Roland HäderMore fixes, thanks to Piter01
2008-12-03 Roland HäderDebug code reverted
2008-12-03 Roland HäderFixes for login bonus, some minor rewrites
2008-12-03 Roland HäderMore fixes, thanks to Piter01
2008-12-02 Roland HäderSurfbar bookings extended with payment mode, unnessarry...
2008-12-02 Roland HäderTotal URLs in surfbar added to static start page
2008-12-02 Roland HäderFunction name fixed