2013-01-20 Roland HäderRewrote email if tasks has been purged
2013-01-17 Roland HäderPartly added network 'Ads4Clicks' as some APIs return...
2013-01-17 Roland HäderTypos fixed + keep fake modules hidden
2013-01-17 Roland HäderForgot this :(
2013-01-17 Roland HäderAdded fake modules
2013-01-17 Roland HäderFixed sorting
2013-01-17 Roland HäderPlease find all these as they currently cause missing...
2013-01-17 Roland HäderRenamed 'comma_def' to 'max_comma' to fit with configur...
2013-01-17 Roland HäderAlso had to fix this to make 'month, numeric' selection...
2013-01-17 Roland HäderUse numeric months with zero instead of 'translated'
2013-01-17 Roland HäderForgot this to rename
2013-01-17 Roland HäderFixed also usage of previously renamed fields as they...
2013-01-17 Roland HäderFixed calls of addSelectionBox()
2013-01-17 Roland HäderTypos fixed
2013-01-17 Roland HäderExtension ext-theme doesn't need to be activated in...
2013-01-16 Roland HäderFixed links
2013-01-16 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued
2013-01-16 Roland HäderMissed this
2013-01-16 Roland HäderAdded network 'Kueko-Net'
2013-01-15 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-14 Roland HäderAdded network 'Earn4Webbis'
2013-01-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-network cleaned up
2013-01-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-14 Roland HäderWrong array used
2013-01-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-14 Roland HäderSome major rewrites + ext-network continued:
2013-01-12 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-12 Roland HäderAdded script template for cron jobs, fixed some checks...
2013-01-12 Roland HäderRequires business card for payout :(
2013-01-12 Roland HäderBetter checks + always return FALSE on abort
2013-01-12 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-10 Roland HäderInit variables on top
2013-01-10 Roland HäderUsed EL code {%template,LoadTemplate=foo%} instead...
2013-01-10 Roland HäderRemoved some column aliases as they make it harder...
2013-01-10 Roland HäderTODOs.txt updated
2013-01-10 Roland HäderMINOR: Color fix
2013-01-10 Roland HäderUse 'in_loaded' instead of 'load_once'
2013-01-10 Roland HäderTheoretical working merge of mailid.php and mailid_top...
2013-01-10 Roland HäderFilters for configurable userid exclusion added:
2013-01-10 Roland HäderSet proper mode and values
2013-01-10 Roland HäderFixed some MIME types
2013-01-10 Roland HäderBetter report this instead of silent logging
2013-01-10 Roland HäderAdded separate debugging of 'hourly' reset
2013-01-09 Roland HäderUse countSumTotalData() instead of SQL query
2013-01-09 Roland HäderAlso ignored *.rss from over-worked RDF/RSS parser
2013-01-09 Roland HäderRDF/RSS parser fixed:
2013-01-09 Roland HäderSave cache 'compacted'
2013-01-09 Roland HäderFixes to HTTP functions to return proper HTTP body...
2013-01-09 Roland HäderBug fixed :(
2013-01-09 Roland HäderMore usage of padLeftZero() instead of prependZeros...
2013-01-09 Roland HäderIntroduced padLeftZero()
2013-01-09 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2013-01-08 Roland HäderMINOR: Mark closing braces that closes a simple if...
2013-01-08 Roland HäderPrevious attempt fixed
2013-01-08 Roland HäderFixes for 'click URL' and weltpromotion rename
2013-01-08 Roland HäderLess logging if this is not needed
2013-01-08 Roland HäderAdded more logging of half-failed AJAX requests
2013-01-06 Roland HäderReplace double-quotes with single
2013-01-06 Roland HäderAdded cron.php:
2013-01-06 Roland HäderIntroduced ext-cron
2013-01-06 Roland HäderThese scripts don't need to be included in seaech engin...
2013-01-06 Roland HäderTemplate script for image 'tags' (e.g. hidden 1x1 pixel...
2013-01-06 Roland HäderFixed also CSS eol-style, updated
2013-01-06 Roland HäderCorrect MIME type for CSS files set
2013-01-06 Roland HäderMailer project rwritten:
2013-01-03 Roland HäderMore cleanups
2013-01-03 Roland HäderCleanups + optional binding to mailer functions
2012-12-30 Roland HäderRemoved wrong margin-top
2012-12-30 Roland HäderUse recently added wrapper translateFullComma()
2012-12-30 Roland HäderSome improvements:
2012-12-30 Roland HäderconvertSelectionsToEpocheTimeInPostData() is a wrapper...
2012-12-30 Roland HäderUsed isPostRequestElementSet() instead of comparing...
2012-12-30 Roland HäderSome reverts/fixes
2012-12-29 Roland HäderThe usual changes: forms fixed
2012-12-29 Roland HäderCheck if at least one parameter (mostly still to less...
2012-12-29 Roland HäderIntroduced ext-alert
2012-12-28 Roland HäderAgain usual change ... (you know what)
2012-12-28 Roland HäderUsual change: ok->other_than_ok ;)
2012-12-28 Roland HäderFix for missing & symbol in URI
2012-12-28 Roland HäderFix: Use {%server,foo_bar%} not {%server=foo_bar%}
2012-12-28 Roland HäderRemove array element in cached mode
2012-12-28 Roland HäderMajor rewrite of template system:
2012-12-27 Roland HäderMoved to this position, so both are closer to each...
2012-12-27 Roland Häderext-admins must be checked here, first admin had never...
2012-12-27 Roland HäderMore fixes for new installer and script in general :(
2012-12-27 Roland HäderIgnore all cache files
2012-12-27 Roland HäderAJAX installation is 'basicly finished' :) Plus I threw...
2012-12-26 Roland HäderFixed :(
2012-12-26 Roland HäderContinued on AJAX installer to start first step (more...
2012-12-24 Roland HäderAdded note for entering alternative prefix
2012-12-22 Roland HäderMinor improvements, wrote all upper-case
2012-12-19 Roland HäderAlso this old column name is back ...
2012-12-19 Roland HäderThe old column name 'id' must be back :(
2012-12-19 Roland HäderThis is correct (sorry)
2012-12-14 Roland HäderFix id->ext_id, moved SQL in right place
2012-12-14 Roland HäderMinor fix
2012-12-02 Roland HäderProtection for all DOCS directories
2012-12-01 Roland HäderOpps :(
2012-12-01 Roland HäderMore improvements: