2008-02-01 Roland Häderdot is gone...
2008-02-01 Roland Hädertypo fixed
2008-02-01 Roland Häderreferral levels are saved now. the script was telling...
2008-02-01 Roland Häderallow_direct_pay fixed
2008-02-01 Roland Häderfooter banner
2008-02-01 Roland Häderskyscraper support in guest area
2008-02-01 Roland Häderno module fix
2008-02-01 Roland HäderFixed broken german umlauts
2008-02-01 Roland Hädermail delipery fixed
2008-01-31 Roland HäderBack-ported to PHP4 (type-hints removed)
2008-01-30 Roland Häderwin32 to unix line delimiters changed
2008-01-29 Roland Häder- obsolete templates/scripts removed
2008-01-28 Roland Häderhtaccess
2008-01-28 Roland HäderCategory edit/delete fixed
2008-01-27 Roland HäderCode rewritings, load base config improved and many...
2008-01-25 Roland HäderRefactured
2008-01-25 Roland HäderList active/inactive extensions
2008-01-25 Roland HäderCopyright updated
2008-01-24 Roland HäderIgnored
2008-01-24 Roland HäderIgnored for eclipse
2008-01-24 Roland Häder(no commit message)