2008-05-18 Roland Häder.svnignore added
2008-05-18 Roland HäderWech damit
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFixes for inactive extension 'user'
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFix for first admin login
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNaming conventions applied
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFatal message removed in installation when the script...
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNew feature of repaying points to user/jackpot/shred...
2008-05-18 Roland HäderMore other options moved out (to config_order)
2008-05-16 Roland HäderNew re-hashing of passords while login should work now
2008-05-16 Roland HäderLogout boxes are now aligned (why not by CSS?)
2008-05-16 Roland HäderPrevious admin session data will be destroyed while...
2008-05-16 Roland HäderRedirect fixed... *sigh* admin.php is a redirector...
2008-05-16 Roland HäderEmpty CSS files removed, template fixed
2008-05-16 Roland HäderWriting of .htaccess no longer needed
2008-05-16 Roland HäderMore fixes for admin password hashing
2008-05-15 Roland HäderInstall fix
2008-05-15 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2008-05-06 Roland Häderdie() removed
2008-05-06 Roland HäderNow fixed... *sigh*
2008-05-06 Roland HäderInstaller now writes config.php correctly
2008-05-06 Roland HäderBirthday link fixed
2008-05-06 Roland HäderHTML entity fixed
2008-05-06 Roland HäderBirthday link fixed
2008-04-18 Roland HäderFix for browser title
2008-04-18 Roland HäderFix for registration
2008-04-15 Roland HäderComments removed
2008-04-15 Roland HäderFix for deleting email
2008-04-05 Roland HäderRe-layouted
2008-03-31 Roland HäderMisc fixes
2008-03-28 Roland HäderMore fixes for sql_patches
2008-03-28 Roland HäderAdmin login fixes
2008-03-28 Roland HäderSeveral constant fixes
2008-03-28 Roland Häderconstant fix
2008-03-25 Roland HäderSeveral fixes on core and wernis extension
2008-03-18 Roland HäderMissing files added
2008-03-18 Roland Hädertest
2008-03-18 Roland HäderRedirection work-around added
2008-03-18 Roland HäderRedirection work-around added
2008-03-17 Roland HäderCache init fixed
2008-03-17 Roland HäderWernis extension fixed (2)
2008-03-17 Roland HäderWernis extension fixed
2008-03-17 Roland HäderWernis extension more secured
2008-03-17 Roland HäderWernis extension added
2008-03-06 Roland HäderResponse from server parsed through trim() to avoid...
2008-03-05 Roland Häderredirection of invalid or deleted mail orders improved...
2008-02-23 Roland Häderfile renamed
2008-02-23 Roland Häderfix on misc settings
2008-02-23 Roland HäderWrong constant fixed
2008-02-23 Roland Häderfix for session
2008-02-22 Roland Häderis_readable
2008-02-22 Roland Häderreading and checking for session variables rewritten
2008-02-22 Roland Hädermore boolean constants improved
2008-02-22 Roland HäderIs set in config.php
2008-02-22 Roland Häderhandling of boolean constants improved (not fully)
2008-02-22 Roland Hädertype=password :)
2008-02-22 Roland Hädervariables renamed from all uppercase to lowercase
2008-02-19 Roland Häderadmins with default ACL "deny" are no longer allowed...
2008-02-18 Roland Häderno more locked points
2008-02-18 Roland Häderlanguage
2008-02-18 Roland Häderwithdraw != payout and SQL error in wernis extension...
2008-02-18 Roland Häderconstants fixed
2008-02-18 Roland Häderunneccessary globals removed
2008-02-18 Roland Hädernotice fixed
2008-02-18 Roland Hädernotice fix
2008-02-18 Roland Hädermore in naming convention applied, you should better...
2008-02-18 Roland Häderrewritten
2008-02-18 Roland Häderscript does now also regonize the difference between...
2008-02-18 Roland Hädermin payout and withdraw sepperated in wernis extension
2008-02-18 Roland Hädermajor login problems fixed and some code-improvements
2008-02-18 Roland Häderadmins extension in admin area rewritten
2008-02-18 Roland Häderminor SQL rewrites
2008-02-18 Roland Häderremoved
2008-02-18 Roland Hädercookies rewritten to session
2008-02-18 Roland Häderstrange notice fixes
2008-02-17 Roland HäderTemplate fix
2008-02-17 Roland Häderwernis extension is now alpha code (only listing in...
2008-02-17 Roland HäderCSS fixes on default theme and type fixed
2008-02-16 Roland Hädernotices fixed
2008-02-15 Roland HäderNotice fixed and RewriteEngine enabled in .htaccess
2008-02-15 Roland Häderstripslashes() removed from obsolete places
2008-02-15 Roland Hädernotice fixes
2008-02-15 Roland Häderfooter stats are configurable now
2008-02-15 Roland HäderScript stats added in footer
2008-02-14 Roland HäderObsolete function is_SQLwriteable() removed (never...
2008-02-13 Roland HäderUpdating profiles fixed. It was still broken since...
2008-02-13 Roland HäderA *lot* more code-cleanups, errors in CSS fixed (missin...
2008-02-11 Roland HäderInstall SQL import is improved. Now no external shell...
2008-02-11 Roland HäderMissleading texts rewritten
2008-02-11 Roland Hädermasking changed
2008-02-11 Roland Häderquery debug output removed
2008-02-11 Roland Häderquery masking rewritten in more SQLs, several cleanups...
2008-02-10 Roland HäderAPI test for WDS66-API integrated
2008-02-10 Roland Hädermissleading language string fixed
2008-02-08 Roland HäderMissing spaces
2008-02-07 Roland HäderDoubler and jackpot fixes
2008-02-06 Roland Häderconstant inclusion in templates begun to rewrite. SMTP...
2008-02-06 Roland HäderA lot more naming conventions applied
2008-02-06 Roland HäderNaming convention applied
2008-02-06 Roland Hädercomment version updated
2008-02-04 Roland Häderbonus rallye login now no longer payed when bonus rally...