2009-03-07 Roland HäderProperties set
2009-03-07 Roland HäderMissing cache loader added from stelzi's branch
2009-03-07 Roland HäderThis files should remain as 3d-party
2009-03-07 Roland HäderDamn typo fixed... ;-)
2009-03-07 Roland Häderdummy.php ignored (TODO: Needs to be removed safely)
2009-03-07 Roland HäderNew function isDirectory() introduced, fixed GET_DIR_AS...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderFix for getActualVersion()
2009-03-07 Roland HäderIs now safely ignored
2009-03-07 Roland HäderInternal TODO added
2009-03-07 Roland HäderSome unneccessary parts removed because we have isInsta...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderEmpty now
2009-03-07 Roland HäderSQL fixed
2009-03-07 Roland HäderRe-added, now the right ones
2009-03-07 Roland HäderMore XHTML-fied and extended header added to templates
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFatal error fixed. :(
2009-03-06 Roland Häder'userid' rewritten to functions
2009-03-06 Roland HäderMyAutoInstaller-Community is *sadly* history...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderChecking for 'cache' in it's own filters is obsolete...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderStatus codes rewritten to GLOBALS
2009-03-06 Roland HäderSome typos fixed
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFor profi-concept... :)
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFixed logfile writing in installation phase, .revision...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderReverted... :(
2009-03-06 Roland HäderSERVER_URL should be set before getActualVersion()...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderBug fixed. See #106
2009-03-06 Roland HäderRevBomb patch applied (thanks to profi-concept)
2009-03-06 Roland HäderObsolete action=login removed from URLs
2009-03-06 Roland HäderRevision number removed from general copyright templates
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFix for 'array-to-string-conversion' bug in request...
2009-03-06 Roland Häder... again
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFix for 'no admin assigned' bug. Resolves #108
2009-03-06 Roland HäderWe need a solution for this...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderRemoved unneccessary eval() command in overview-inc...
2009-03-06 Roland HäderFix for installation
2009-03-06 Roland HäderA lot while() conditions rewritten to SQL_FETCHARRAY...
2009-03-04 Roland HäderMore fixes in reg page
2009-03-04 Roland Häder->['month_descr'], fix in registration page
2009-03-04 Roland Häder moved into
2009-03-04 Roland HäderAll 'online' table queries should be placed in ext...
2009-03-04 Roland Häder_TABLE_TYPE is now replaced
2009-03-04 Roland HäderArea 'modify' added to all extensions, some fixes for...
2009-03-04 Roland Häderconfig.php *must* now be extended
2009-03-04 Roland HäderMyISAM/InnoDB support added
2009-03-04 Roland HäderPrefix in SQLs fixed, fixes for first startup and weekl...
2009-03-04 Roland HäderFixes/rewrites for 'dublicate entry' bug
2009-03-04 Roland HäderDie auch...
2009-03-04 Roland HäderSeveral markup fixes
2009-03-04 Roland HäderPHPMailer updated to 2.0.3
2009-03-04 Roland HäderExtensions sql_patches<->user now need each other
2009-03-04 Roland HäderEven more fixes, loading session was on wrong page...
2009-03-04 Roland HäderFixed typo in function name
2009-03-04 Roland HäderRewrites of more constants
2009-03-04 Roland HäderMore constant rewrites
2009-03-04 Roland HäderTypos fixed, function IS_SQLS_INITIALIZED() added
2009-03-02 Roland HäderTypo and SVN revision fixed
2009-03-02 Roland Häderprefix now safely replaced
2009-03-02 Roland HäderSeveral rewrites/renames, fixes for installation. Resol...
2009-03-01 Roland HäderFix for broken index and maybe more
2009-03-01 Roland HäderWieder out-of-sync
2009-03-01 Roland HäderSome variable rewrites
2009-03-01 Roland Häder rewritten to new functions, some parts rewritten to...
2009-03-01 Roland Häder__ACL_ALLOW rewritten to and @TODO finished
2009-03-01 Roland HäderTODO updated
2009-03-01 Roland HäderMore fixes for what/action deprecation in modules.php
2009-03-01 Roland HäderDidn't work here
2009-03-01 Roland HäderA lot fixes to templates and missing functions added...
2009-03-01 Roland HäderFixes for MT_WORD vs. install vs. installed
2009-03-01 Roland HäderMore rewrites of constants and fix for loading mass...
2009-03-01 Roland Häder rewritten, variable errors fixed
2009-03-01 Roland Hädersql_patches/cache must now load
2009-03-01 Roland HäderSome rewrites
2009-03-01 Roland HäderDebug code commented out
2009-03-01 Roland HäderFixes for stripped HTML tags, and false warnings in...
2009-03-01 Roland HäderNew else-block added, some rewrites
2009-03-01 Roland HäderSafer init...
2009-03-01 Roland HäderFix for it...
2009-03-01 Roland HäderNow throws an error for debugging
2009-03-01 Roland HäderRewritten
2009-03-01 Roland HäderFixed missing array element 'last'
2009-03-01 Roland HäderRewritten to fix double-init of session
2009-02-28 Roland HäderDebug lines removed, type rewritten
2009-02-28 Roland HäderInitial values changed
2009-02-28 Roland HäderDebug lines added
2009-02-28 Roland HäderTypo fixed, OMG
2009-02-28 Roland HäderSQL_IS_LINK_UP() aborts if wether no resource or null...
2009-02-28 Roland HäderRewritten (does this fix the nested error?)
2009-02-28 Roland HäderRewritten/fixed (damn, missed them...)
2009-02-28 Roland HäderBraces fixed
2009-02-28 Roland Häderfooter_sent fixed
2009-02-28 Roland HäderAdded missing session-functions to loader
2009-02-28 Roland HäderMissing functions re-added (sorry)
2009-02-28 Roland HäderRemoved due to much trouble :(
2009-02-28 Roland HäderAdded isset() for fixing missing array element 'cache_i...
2009-02-28 Roland HäderComplete rewrite of and , wrapper functions added...
2009-02-28 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2009-02-28 Roland HäderMore globals rewritten, see #100
2009-02-28 Roland Häder and rewritten to functions
2009-02-28 Roland HäderGlobal variables rewritten
2009-02-28 Roland HäderCSS variable set in all root scripts
2009-02-27 Roland HäderFatal error fixed