2009-11-03 Roland HäderSome German text corrected
2009-11-03 Roland HäderA lot texts rewritten and exclamation signs removed
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixes for fix_menu.php and SQL_ALTER_TABLE()
2009-11-03 Roland HäderTable for reload locks added
2009-11-03 Roland HäderWords 'User-Id' in German language replace with 'Mitgli...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixes for constant and old lost code removed
2009-11-03 Roland HäderArray element fixed
2009-11-03 Roland HäderWorkarounds for empty referal id
2009-11-03 Roland HäderSQL_ESCAPE() rewritten for better caching of float...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFixes
2009-11-03 Roland HäderHTML fix
2009-11-03 Roland HäderTypo fixed :(
2009-11-03 Roland HäderModule 'ref' added to install dump
2009-11-03 Roland HäderNickname active, but id provided should result in valid...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderSort order changed to have nicer cache files for easier...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderMore fixes for registration if ext-cache and many more...
2009-11-03 Roland HäderFix for ref link fix
2009-11-03 Roland HäderNew extension added, ext-uberwach rewritten (unfinished...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderAll non-productive extensions marked as 'non-productive...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderWorkaround for WINDOWS-1252 encoded data :(
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSome entities created. I have US layout here, but they...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderMissing header 'Content-Transfer-Encoding' added, templ...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderCharset is now passed to PHPMailer, setOutputMode(...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderResult from mass-edit fixed...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSpecial characters, like German Umlaute, rewritten...
2009-11-01 Roland HädersecureString() does now no longer encode in entities...
2009-11-01 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for UTF-8, ext-network continued (still...
2009-10-31 Roland Häderext-network continued (unfinished), weekly and monthly...
2009-10-31 Roland HäderSQLs improved, verbose listing for SQLs fixed
2009-10-31 Roland HäderGeneral mail problems supported
2009-10-31 Roland HäderPossible better fix
2009-10-31 Roland HäderMore fixes
2009-10-31 Roland HäderSQL fixed
2009-10-31 Roland HäderNew CSS class 'pre' added
2009-10-31 Roland HäderSome improvements
2009-10-31 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2009-10-31 Roland Häderalt->alternate fixed
2009-10-31 Roland HäderUnnccessary calls removed
2009-10-31 Roland HäderImmediate redirect should work now
2009-10-31 Roland HäderParameter abortOnMiss renamed to strict, fixes for...
2009-10-31 Roland HäderMenu moved to extension, index_delay should not have...
2009-10-31 Roland HäderMore rewrites
2009-10-31 Roland HäderRewrites and cache may be rebuilded in framesets
2009-10-31 Roland HäderFixes for reset (missing config entries)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNow kshould work
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix... :)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderisAdmin() uses now for 'caching' its result
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix for template
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL fix #3
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL fix #2
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL fix
2009-10-30 Roland HäderPossible fix #2
2009-10-30 Roland HäderPossible fix
2009-10-30 Roland Häder is missing
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSeveral kinky code smoothed, fixes for admin login
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMIME header and UTF-8 added
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix for header.tpl
2009-10-30 Roland HäderAdd slashes instead of SQL_ESCAPE()
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL_ESCAPE() may cause problems with header.tpl
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes for email delivery
2009-10-30 Roland HäderDebug messages changed, isAdmin() added to isAdminCooki...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMissing admin account or wrong pass is not fatal
2009-10-30 Roland HäderAnother fix for RNG
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFilter moved, fixes for RNG
2009-10-30 Roland Häderdatabases.php is loaded by filter now
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix for _PRIME and typo
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore fixes for merging config
2009-10-30 Roland HäderRenamed isConfigLoaded() to isConfigurationLoaded()
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNightly typo fixed
2009-10-30 Roland HäderAlso solved... :)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderRewrites not to init config in config-functions.php...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes a bug if module=index is called with no ext-sql_p...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderEmail archive is also not working without ext-sql_patches
2009-10-30 Roland Häderconfig_points mentioned in history note
2009-10-30 Roland Häderconfig_secure and config_points works only with ext...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderYet another missing ...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNT
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNow with more feedback if no payout types are found
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL fix :(
2009-10-30 Roland HäderReplacement for PHP < 5 added, credits and thanks to...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderPossible fix for extension deactivation
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMT_WORD is old, mt_word is new
2009-10-30 Roland HäderWord 'Punkte' was statically in menus, fixed. Please...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes for menu system (still SQL is broken)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderRight place...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore strong/u tags converted to CSS class 'data'
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore SQLs rewritten fix_menu.php is now 'pool-ed'
2009-10-30 Roland HäderBetter feedback for saving categories
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMessage 'Cannot run reset! Please report this bug....
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore HTML code swapped into templates (#68 again)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMember ref-link page swapped out to templates (#68)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes (constants still there)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFix...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixes for reset
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo #2
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderStatus code added
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo fixed :(
2009-10-29 Roland HäderNicer output