2008-09-09 Roland HäderFix for order module
2008-09-09 Roland HäderUnlock of booked URLs in surfbar added, fix for URL...
2008-09-08 Roland HäderDebug mode removed from reset
2008-09-08 Roland HäderFinal fix for x length
2008-09-08 Roland HäderTextlink updated in surfbar
2008-09-08 Roland HäderTextlinks added to surfbar bottom frame
2008-09-08 Roland HäderToday<->yesterday exchanged, opps!
2008-09-08 Roland HäderCounter for yester hits in surfbar added
2008-09-08 Roland HäderFix for online counter...
2008-09-08 Roland Häder- Daily/weekly/monthly reset completely rewritten
2008-09-08 Roland HäderSurfbar counter rewritten
2008-09-08 Roland HäderAmount of points displayed in surfbar, more fixes
2008-09-08 Roland HäderMore fixes for surfbar extension
2008-09-08 Roland HäderSpaces removed...
2008-09-07 Roland HäderError fixed :( :( :(
2008-09-07 Roland HäderRedirect fixed... ;)
2008-09-07 Roland HäderUnconfirmed mails in member area requires active mailid...
2008-09-06 Roland HäderValidation of points amount added to surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderAutostart/manual-start added to surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderFix for PHP error
2008-09-06 Roland HäderProblem with one URL not in reload lock fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderDebug comment removed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderMore fixes for surfbar, SQL_QUERY_ESC() now escapes...
2008-09-06 Roland HäderExtension de-/activation fixed in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderLogout link fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderFinal fixes for surfbar reload lock
2008-09-06 Roland HäderDefault times reduced in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderCounter for pending surfbar added
2008-09-06 Roland HäderBanner place added for sleeping surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderStart of surfbar slowed down by halt second
2008-09-06 Roland HäderClose link fixed in surfbar
2008-09-06 Roland HäderSurfbar fixed, more fixes in core, templates fixed
2008-09-06 Roland HäderConstant SECS and MINS are now deprecated/removed,...
2008-09-06 Roland HäderMissing but empty CSS files added
2008-09-06 Roland HäderTons of rewrites (SQL queries), surfbar nearly finished...
2008-09-05 Roland HäderSome HTML fixes
2008-09-05 Roland Häder- Surfbar extended with dynamic percentage (only config)
2008-09-05 Roland HäderSome template fixes, width='600' removed from many...
2008-09-04 Roland HäderTranslation of status/reward now happens after the...
2008-09-04 Roland HäderTask extension now shows surfbar URLs in admin overview
2008-09-03 Roland Häder- Templates for surfbar (admin/member) added when URL...
2008-09-03 Roland HäderSurfbar URL status translation added, member template...
2008-09-03 Roland HäderSurfbar extended with member notification
2008-09-02 Roland Häder* Member template added for the surfbar which notifies...
2008-09-01 Roland HäderReferal levels for surfbar added (unfinished)
2008-09-01 Roland HäderFix for missing footer
2008-09-01 Roland HäderConfig added for surfbar
2008-08-31 Roland HäderConfig entry surfbar_pay_mode renamed to surfbar_pay_model
2008-08-31 Roland HäderSurfbar text updated, more masks applied, footer/timing...
2008-08-31 Roland HäderQuery time added to debug logfile
2008-08-31 Roland HäderParse error in optimize extension fixed
2008-08-31 Roland HäderXHTML fixes (not fully valid)
2008-08-31 Roland HäderMore fixes on cache to reduce queries
2008-08-31 Roland HäderCache was destroyed in load_cache.php -> fixed, invalid...
2008-08-30 Roland HäderFinal fixes for password reset behavior on sql_patches...
2008-08-30 Roland HäderLink fixed
2008-08-30 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2008-08-30 Roland HäderFixes for sql_patches removal vs. password reset of...
2008-08-30 Roland HäderMasking for more file names added
2008-08-30 Roland HäderEXT_CSS=N is unnessary in extension files
2008-08-30 Roland HäderPassword reset for admin login added (still buggy if...
2008-08-30 Roland HäderRemoval of sql_patches should now remove what=stats2...
2008-08-29 Roland HäderEditing of bank packages added (updating records not...
2008-08-29 Roland HäderTypo fixed in 'bank' extension, all main menus are...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderCache extension is now always active
2008-08-28 Roland HäderSurfbar now has admin menu (dummy extension!), menu...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderMore text added to surfbar description
2008-08-28 Roland HäderMissunderstandings fixed in surfbar
2008-08-28 Roland HäderSurfbar idea added (dummy extension!)
2008-08-28 Roland HäderOne more debug line removed
2008-08-28 Roland HäderDebug code removed
2008-08-28 Roland HäderLoading of extensions is now done after session has...
2008-08-28 Roland HäderFix for 'Other Settings' which won't save
2008-08-28 Roland HäderFix for missing menu dot
2008-08-28 Roland HäderFixes for rewrite extension (thx 2 monakoianar again)
2008-08-27 Roland HäderVariable naming convention applied, previous fix fixed ;)
2008-08-27 Roland Häder* Dummy extension "yoomedia" added for Yoo! Media's...
2008-08-26 Roland HäderMore fixes for JS bug
2008-08-26 Roland HäderDoes this fix the JS bug and header bug as well?
2008-08-25 Roland HäderComment extended
2008-08-25 Roland HäderFix for division by zero in mediadata
2008-08-25 Roland Häder- Long variables $HTTP_x_VARS rewritten to short $_x
2008-08-05 Roland HäderSQL query fixed
2008-06-05 Roland HäderPHPMailer updated to v2.0.2
2008-05-21 Roland HäderRandom code generation added. This can be used for...
2008-05-19 Roland HäderColumns and table names in backticks
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNewer sponsor scripts found in backup\! :D :D
2008-05-18 Roland HäderSponsor stub extension added (not fully working\!)
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFinal fixes for deleting emails and shredding points
2008-05-18 Roland HäderCommented out for testing... opps
2008-05-18 Roland HäderModified/added missing files
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNow ignored...
2008-05-18 Roland Häder.svnignore added
2008-05-18 Roland HäderWech damit
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFixes for inactive extension 'user'
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFix for first admin login
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNaming conventions applied
2008-05-18 Roland HäderFatal message removed in installation when the script...
2008-05-18 Roland HäderNew feature of repaying points to user/jackpot/shred...
2008-05-18 Roland HäderMore other options moved out (to config_order)