2009-04-02 Roland HäderDouble-quotes to single-quotes converted, tabs rewritte...
2009-04-02 Roland HäderHTML fixes and rewritten install finalizer
2009-04-02 Roland HäderAgain it happened... :(
2009-04-02 Roland HäderYet another more XHTML fixes
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes #3
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes #2
2009-04-02 Roland HäderEven more XHTML fixes
2009-04-02 Roland HäderXHTML fix
2009-03-28 Roland HäderCSS rewritten for convert table->div
2009-03-28 Roland HäderTable to div container converted
2009-03-28 Roland HäderTable in div container converted
2009-03-28 Roland HäderText is now centered
2009-03-28 Roland HäderInternal TODO closed (sry for second commit)
2009-03-28 Roland HäderSome HTML issues fixed
2009-03-28 Roland HäderA lot double-quotes rewritten to single-quotes, global...
2009-03-28 Roland HäderRewrites for div/CSS (show_timings_box is not centered)
2009-03-27 Roland HäderFix for parser error
2009-03-26 Roland HäderDocumentation updated
2009-03-26 Roland HäderUpdated with new line numbers
2009-03-26 Roland HäderMore fixes for constants
2009-03-26 Roland HäderFix for parser error
2009-03-26 Roland HäderMoved and fixed typo in REDIRECT_ON_UNINSTALLED_EXTENSION()
2009-03-19 Roland HäderFixes for typo and maybe for REQUEST_ISSET_GET/POST...
2009-03-19 Roland HäderFix for broken SQL queries, resolves #116.
2009-03-17 Roland HäderA bit space added to install_welcome class
2009-03-17 Roland HäderHeader now bigger again
2009-03-17 Roland HäderCopyright added
2009-03-17 Roland HäderInstallation page=welcome rewritten to use div
2009-03-17 Roland HäderDescription for new ext-menu added
2009-03-17 Roland HäderMenu system moved to external extension 'ext-menu'
2009-03-17 Roland HäderMore double- to single-quotes rewritten
2009-03-17 Roland HäderMore rewrites from double- to single-quote
2009-03-16 Roland HäderEven more rewritten
2009-03-16 Roland HäderA lot double-quotes rewritten to single-quotes, some...
2009-03-16 Roland HäderDouble brackets removed, some fixes
2009-03-16 Roland HäderA lot rewrites from double-quote to single-quote, some...
2009-03-14 Roland HäderTODOs.txt again updated, we need a hook here
2009-03-14 Roland HäderRewrites of debug lines, possible fix for extension...
2009-03-14 Roland HäderTODOs.txt updated
2009-03-14 Roland HäderFixes for #113, task texts where too much secured,...
2009-03-14 Roland HäderLast try to fix broken, rewritten links
2009-03-14 Roland HäderPossible fix for uncomplete rewritten links
2009-03-13 Roland HäderA fix...
2009-03-13 Roland Hä extended with search for global statements
2009-03-13 Roland HäderRewritten to function getConfigArray()
2009-03-13 Roland HäderMore globals rewritten, see ticket #100
2009-03-13 Roland HäderFix for displayed timings if sql_patches is removed
2009-03-12 Roland HäderTypos fixed, br->div converted
2009-03-12 Roland HäderPrefix in install script is the same as in runtime...
2009-03-12 Roland HäderFixes/rewrites for missing sql_patches and check on...
2009-03-12 Roland HäderFixes for admin ACLs
2009-03-12 Roland Häderthemes_*.tpl moved
2009-03-12 Roland HäderWe should continue and not break the while() loop when...
2009-03-12 Roland HäderRewritten all THEME_FOO variables to GLOBALS
2009-03-12 Roland HäderSeveral rewrites/fixes which I have done yesterday...
2009-03-11 Roland HäderRewritten extension handling, if no ext-foo.tpl is...
2009-03-11 Roland HäderRemoved invalid update of ext-user
2009-03-11 Roland HäderBLOB->TEXT rewritten, all _user tables now handled...
2009-03-11 Roland Häderopendir() should be rewritten to GET_DIR_AS_ARRAY()
2009-03-11 Roland Häderdebug_report_bug() call added
2009-03-11 Roland HäderFix for broken SQL queries
2009-03-10 Roland HäderDeprecated templates/scripts removed
2009-03-10 Roland HäderRewritten overview-inc.php, internal TODO closed
2009-03-10 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2009-03-10 Roland HäderRefactured old lost code
2009-03-10 Roland HäderRewritten to use str_replace() instead of preg_replace()
2009-03-10 Roland HäderNext try to fix it (simple quotes)
2009-03-10 Roland HäderReversed and obsolete code removed (was for admin area...
2009-03-10 Roland HäderPossible fix for badly rewritten links
2009-03-10 Roland Häderdocs->DOCS fixed
2009-03-10 Roland Hä does now look case-insensitiv and for...
2009-03-10 Roland HäderMerged stelzi's patches
2009-03-10 Roland Häderconfig.php should be ignored now
2009-03-10 Roland HäderFunctions for handling INC_POOL moved to inc-functions...
2009-03-10 Roland HäderRewritten 'page=finalize' in installer, integrated...
2009-03-09 Roland HäderAdded request URI to debug_report_bug() function
2009-03-09 Roland HäderEven more variables renamed and login procedure prepare...
2009-03-09 Roland HäderA lot variables renamed from all upper-case to hungaria...
2009-03-09 Roland HäderUser tables are now moved to ext-user
2009-03-09 Roland HäderSome dublicated braces removed, some fixed (broken...
2009-03-09 Roland HäderTODOs.txt updated (opps, I need a hook here)
2009-03-09 Roland HäderSome global variables rewritten, a lot more language...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderFull rewrite of extension updates (multiple updates...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderMore fixes
2009-03-07 Roland HäderFixed a version problem which causes admin logins to...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderLIMIT removed
2009-03-07 Roland HäderRemoved all LIMIT x statements from extension removal...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderRemaining debug lines commented out
2009-03-07 Roland HäderTasks are now registered again
2009-03-07 Roland HäderFinal fixes for SQL_ALTER_TABLE() wrapper, INSERT INTO...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderProperties set
2009-03-07 Roland HäderMissing cache loader added from stelzi's branch
2009-03-07 Roland HäderThis files should remain as 3d-party
2009-03-07 Roland HäderDamn typo fixed... ;-)
2009-03-07 Roland Häderdummy.php ignored (TODO: Needs to be removed safely)
2009-03-07 Roland HäderNew function isDirectory() introduced, fixed GET_DIR_AS...
2009-03-07 Roland HäderFix for getActualVersion()
2009-03-07 Roland HäderIs now safely ignored
2009-03-07 Roland HäderInternal TODO added
2009-03-07 Roland HäderSome unneccessary parts removed because we have isInsta...