2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes a bug if module=index is called with no ext-sql_p...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderEmail archive is also not working without ext-sql_patches
2009-10-30 Roland Häderconfig_points mentioned in history note
2009-10-30 Roland Häderconfig_secure and config_points works only with ext...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderYet another missing ...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNT
2009-10-30 Roland HäderNow with more feedback if no payout types are found
2009-10-30 Roland HäderSQL fix :(
2009-10-30 Roland HäderReplacement for PHP < 5 added, credits and thanks to...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderPossible fix for extension deactivation
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMT_WORD is old, mt_word is new
2009-10-30 Roland HäderWord 'Punkte' was statically in menus, fixed. Please...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFixes for menu system (still SQL is broken)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderRight place...
2009-10-30 Roland HäderFix
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore strong/u tags converted to CSS class 'data'
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore SQLs rewritten fix_menu.php is now 'pool-ed'
2009-10-30 Roland HäderBetter feedback for saving categories
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMessage 'Cannot run reset! Please report this bug....
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMore HTML code swapped into templates (#68 again)
2009-10-30 Roland HäderMember ref-link page swapped out to templates (#68)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes (constants still there)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFix...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixes for reset
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo #2
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderStatus code added
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo fixed :(
2009-10-29 Roland HäderNicer output
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFix
2009-10-29 Roland HäderCache type 'refsystem' now supported
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo in method fixed
2009-10-29 Roland HäderReverted from
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes for menus
2009-10-29 Roland HäderConstant fixed
2009-10-29 Roland HäderYet another 'empty version' fixed
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixes for transfer member->member
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFix for endless loop
2009-10-29 Roland HäderQueries improved, output-bug fixed in points overview
2009-10-29 Roland HädersendGetRequest() now accepts a second optional paramete...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderWernis API now reconizes failed API responses
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixed issues with themes
2009-10-29 Roland HäderSQL query and inconsistencies fixed, TODOs.txt updated
2009-10-29 Roland HäderDefault theme added (opps?)
2009-10-29 Roland HäderTypo
2009-10-29 Roland HäderFixes for parsing success results
2009-10-29 Roland HäderIndex and language fixes
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore filters created, TODOs.txt updated, config_mediada...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderLink in user profiles rewritten to use nickname, if set
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore rewrites, and output-mode fixed (we should documen...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderSeveral array indexes renamed, TODOs.txt updated
2009-10-29 Roland HäderNickname or userid, but not both...
2009-10-29 Roland HäderBonus ranking list now contains nicknames, if set
2009-10-29 Roland HäderMore fixes for bonus ranking
2009-10-28 Roland HäderAgain...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderTODOs.txt updated
2009-10-28 Roland HäderRewrites from to , fixes
2009-10-28 Roland HäderShould be isset() to allow empty POST data
2009-10-28 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for broken actions (sorry for lame text)
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes for sending pool / setter
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes for POST setter, template and others
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes for broken order page and themes
2009-10-28 Roland HäderVariable fixed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFix for broken admin_user_details.tpl
2009-10-28 Roland HäderMissing TODO...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFix for displayed message strings in chk_login module
2009-10-28 Roland HäderSQL fix and double->single
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes for mydata
2009-10-28 Roland HäderHTML fix and double->single converted
2009-10-28 Roland HäderMore currencies added
2009-10-28 Roland HäderUpdates menu moved to ext-update, fixes for main menu...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderRedirects fixed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderAll JavaScript files can now secured against calls...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderDeprecated template removed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderConflict solved between ext-profile and ext-update
2009-10-28 Roland HäderMoved filter function back to filters.php, fix for...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderDeprecated scripts/templates removed
2009-10-28 Roland HäderTODOs.txt updated
2009-10-28 Roland HäderRewrite of adding menu entries, should prevent double...
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixed typos in cache name extensions->extenion
2009-10-28 Roland HäderFixes a missing array element
2009-10-28 Roland HäderCaching again rewritten, admin functions fixed:
2009-10-27 Roland HäderSeveral fixes for guest menu system and template engine
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFixes for typos and cache problems
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFix for endless loop in outputHtml()
2009-10-27 Roland Häderhooks.php was an idea, but now we have filters.php
2009-10-27 Roland HäderExtension mode added to debug message
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFix for DEFAULT_SALT_LENGTH
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFix for 'extension sql_patches has empty version' message
2009-10-27 Roland HäderRewrites to fix cache class
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFurther fixes for installation phase and endless loop
2009-10-27 Roland HäderFixes for installation phase
2009-10-27 Roland HäderHuge script change, see
2009-10-11 Roland HäderRequired database changes for configuration entries...
2009-10-11 Roland HäderConstants rewritten (internal TODO)
2009-10-11 Roland HäderFix for missing FULL_VERSION config
2009-10-11 Roland HäderShould not be loadInclude() here, we need to rewrite...
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constant replaces will its real text
2009-10-11 Roland HäderSeveral more constants rewritten to getConfig()
2009-10-10 Roland HäderSome language strings rewritten to use getMessage()