2011-09-09 Roland HäderUpdated notes about contributors
2011-09-07 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-09-06 Roland HäderRemoved die() from debugging
2011-09-06 Roland HäderuseProxy is duplicate, because isProxyUsed() is cached...
2011-08-30 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-30 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-30 Roland HäderRenamed to avoid double-line link
2011-08-30 Roland HäderReturn a value ... :)
2011-08-30 Roland HäderWith dashes to have nicer call-backs
2011-08-30 Roland HäderAdvertising network added, some cleanups
2011-08-30 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-29 Roland HäderA percentage was to much here
2011-08-29 Roland HäderMade 'developer=dev' menus more clear
2011-08-29 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-28 Roland Häder will become deprecated in loadEmaiLTemplate()
2011-08-27 Roland HäderLink to config_network_types
2011-08-27 Roland HäderSame thing fixed, but without the opps ...
2011-08-27 Roland HäderOpps ...
2011-08-27 Roland HäderFix for 'missing configuration entry foo_menu_script'
2011-08-27 Roland HäderAdded function sendHttpRequest() which will help ext...
2011-08-27 Roland HäderTypos corrected, 'require id card' can now be specified...
2011-08-27 Roland HäderAdvertising network 'ADkracher' added
2011-08-26 Roland HäderNoisy debug line commented out
2011-08-26 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-23 Roland HäderFixes loading of network type config
2011-08-23 Roland HäderUpdated notice text
2011-08-23 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-23 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, "translation" function...
2011-08-22 Roland HäderBetter text how to deal with reload time setting
2011-08-22 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-21 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, links in bug report...
2011-08-21 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-18 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, functions renamed:
2011-08-18 Roland HäderSuffix '_enabled' in config entries is deprecated
2011-08-18 Roland HäderAdmin menu has now a JavaScript "effect":
2011-08-16 Roland HäderAdmin menu prepared for AJAX requests:
2011-08-16 Roland HäderUse 'sub' to identify whether to update an 'action...
2011-08-16 Roland HäderThis makes the admin table a little shorter
2011-08-16 Roland HäderCleanups and all "base scripts" fixed:
2011-08-15 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-15 Roland HäderSQL fixed (opps)
2011-08-15 Roland HäderisEmailTaken() now relaxes if e.g. the current user...
2011-08-14 Roland HäderSQL fixed
2011-08-14 Roland HäderExtension ext-beg improved, better EL code used:
2011-08-14 Roland HäderRemoved 'notice' CSS class from listing tasks
2011-08-14 Roland HäderREADME.txt-s updated
2011-08-14 Roland Häder- The update of jquery caused an about with missing...
2011-08-14 Roland HäderCSS cleanup, jquery updated:
2011-08-14 Roland HäderMost <em> tags replaced/removed
2011-08-14 Roland HäderBad things are now 'classified' as bad (CSS class ...
2011-08-13 Roland HäderNow all parameters will be restored after login
2011-08-13 Roland HäderBetter secure the '()' and ' parts... (sorry for this...
2011-08-13 Roland HäderThese are all handlers
2011-08-13 Roland HäderSpace is to much here
2011-08-13 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-13 Roland HäderFixes and cleanups
2011-08-13 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-13 Roland HäderOutput of wether random refid is active for members
2011-08-13 Roland HäderIf min/max beg points are the same output only min...
2011-08-12 Roland HäderLarge code cleanups:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderDo not update rand_confirmed counter if random referal...
2011-08-12 Roland HäderHTTP-related functions refactured:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2011-08-12 Roland HäderSome minor cleanups
2011-08-12 Roland HäderLanguage id renamed, some network query amounts added
2011-08-12 Roland HäderThe 'network dailly free query amount' is now stored...
2011-08-12 Roland HäderOpps...
2011-08-12 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-12 Roland HäderMinor cleanups
2011-08-11 Roland HäderForgot them ... :(
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued (sorry guys for all...
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-11 Roland Häder'what' files should be loaded only once
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued, ext-iso3166 cleared
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued:
2011-08-11 Roland Häderdeactivation of installed but deprecated extwensions...
2011-08-11 Roland HäderExtension ext-forced/network continued:
2011-08-11 Roland HäderMore fixes ...
2011-08-11 Roland HäderNo self-advertising in scripts/templates, please
2011-08-11 Roland HäderAlso these SQLs require support for NULL
2011-08-11 Roland Häder'assigned_admin' and 'userid' can now be NULL
2011-08-11 Roland HäderMore '0' to NULL and fix for failing extension deprecat...
2011-08-11 Roland Häder- Template renamed for better naming
2011-08-11 Roland HäderFix for non-working what-config_payouts
2011-08-11 Roland HäderFix for missing variable OUT, thanks to yester
2011-08-11 Roland HäderFix for missing template elements
2011-08-11 Roland HäderMissing 'points subjects' and 'subject' added
2011-08-11 Roland HäderMore fixes for ext-yoomedia (didn't handle non-error...
2011-08-11 Roland HäderAdded (unfinished) a way to edit forced ads, rwritten...
2011-08-10 Roland HäderFixes for ext-yoomedia to be compatible with Interface 2.0
2011-08-10 Roland HäderImportant notice added
2011-08-10 Roland HäderExtension ext-admins improved:
2011-08-10 Roland HäderExtension ext-admins updated:
2011-08-10 Roland HäderThis elseif() block has causes problems on installation...
2011-08-10 Roland Häderext-iso3166 is deprecated, please use ext-country instead
2011-08-10 Roland HäderFixes for ext-network, '' added
2011-08-10 Roland HäderExtension ext-network continued/fixed:
2011-08-09 Roland HäderDeprecated parameters removed, oversized SQL statements...