2010-07-06 Roland HäderRewrites for installation phase:
2010-07-05 Roland HäderOne more wrapper function introduced, fixed for install...
2010-07-05 Roland HäderMore wrapper functions added
2010-07-05 Roland HäderMoved surfbar-related functions, unnessary array elemen...
2010-07-05 Roland HäderFixed displaying of correct values in surfbar
2010-07-05 Roland HäderMore fixes for typos in SQL queries
2010-07-05 Roland HäderMore cached wrapper functions introduced
2010-07-05 Roland HäderFix for if user account is missing
2010-07-05 Roland HäderGetter getBegUserid() added
2010-07-05 Roland HäderWrapper function isBegRallyeEnabled() introduced, rewri...
2010-07-05 Roland HäderWrapper function isVerboseSqlEnabled() introduced
2010-07-04 Roland HäderTypo fixed
2010-07-04 Roland HäderMore cached wrapper functions added for config entries
2010-07-04 Roland HäderFixes for missing arguments and some improvements:
2010-07-04 Roland HäderFix for broken SQL
2010-07-02 Roland HäderSome code cosmetics and fixes
2010-07-02 Roland Häderreseller was an old parameter where it was planed to...
2010-07-02 Roland HäderAll admin data is looked up by admin id
2010-07-02 Roland HäderNaming convention, internal TODOs solved:
2010-07-01 Roland HäderProperies set
2010-07-01 Roland HäderDirectories with a dot caused some trouble, rewritten...
2010-07-01 Roland HäderRemoved deprecated code, inc/.secret/ is now obsolete...
2010-07-01 Roland HäderTypo fixed :-(
2010-07-01 Roland HäderParser errors fixed
2010-07-01 Roland HäderMore rewrites to make use of (cached) wrapper functions
2010-07-01 Roland HäderAPI functions renamed:
2010-07-01 Roland HäderA lot calls saved, expression language rewritten:
2010-06-30 Roland HäderDebug line removed
2010-06-30 Roland HäderInternal statistics are now turned off by default,...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderModule-related code moved, deprecated templates deleted...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderFix for if sql_patches is not installed or older than...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderNew function makeDatabaseUserId() introduced which...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderRewrites/fixes in extension registration
2010-06-30 Roland HäderSome templates renamed, fixed of double-init of extensi...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderFixed missed [sw] things in a lot templates, added...
2010-06-30 Roland HäderLinks to and commits stats added
2010-06-30 Roland HäderPossible fix for bad escaping of single-quotes
2010-06-29 Roland HäderEven more fixes for surfbar, EL rewrites
2010-06-29 Roland HäderRewrites/fixes for surfbar
2010-06-29 Roland HäderTheme renamed, missing dash added (minor fixes)
2010-06-29 Roland HäderCaching of expensive PHP functions:
2010-06-29 Roland HäderFixes and further rewrites to make use of EL
2010-06-29 Roland HäderDeprecated templates removed
2010-06-29 Roland HäderEven more rewrites to make usage of EL
2010-06-29 Roland HäderMore rewrites to make lesser use of getMessage()
2010-06-29 Roland HäderA lot code rewritten:
2010-06-28 Roland HäderChanged all admin getter, closed internal TODOs:
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNew (template) wrapper function fixEmptyContentToDashes...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderFix for the fix ... :-(
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNaming convention applied, encodeEntities() added
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNaming convention applied
2010-06-28 Roland HäderTask-create functions does now return a task id. We...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderRemoved deprecated code.
2010-06-28 Roland HäderGetter for boolean values should be named like ifFoo...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNext wave of lesser getMessage()
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNext wave of lesser getMessage() usage and more EL
2010-06-28 Roland HäderBetter handling of errors
2010-06-28 Roland HäderFixes
2010-06-28 Roland HäderEven more rewrites to EL
2010-06-28 Roland HäderDeprecated variables for templates removed, mor EL...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderMore use of EL, fix for admin links
2010-06-28 Roland HäderSome improvements, caching of email templates prepared
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNew extension added, more EL-rewrites, naming-conventio...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderDeprecated templates/scripts removed
2010-06-28 Roland HäderNew function isValidUserid() introduced, more rewrites...
2010-06-28 Roland HäderTemplate fixed
2010-06-28 Roland HäderAdded missing 'colspan2'
2010-06-28 Roland HäderFix for missing config entry 'beg_new_member_notify'
2010-06-28 Roland HäderMissed to activate the update... :-(
2010-06-27 Roland HäderAdded missing line
2010-06-27 Roland HäderFixed sprintf: Too few arguments
2010-06-27 Roland HäderNaming convention further applied: _ral_ is replaced...
2010-06-26 Roland HäderEven some more... :-(
2010-06-26 Roland HäderFixes for missing parameters for debug_report_bug(...
2010-06-26 Roland HäderPossible fix for 'ob_end_clean: failed to delete buffer...
2010-06-24 Roland HäderWorkaround for missing config entry, but this if-block...
2010-06-23 Roland HäderNew debugging function debugOutput() introduced, some...
2010-06-23 Roland HäderSimplified some more code:
2010-06-23 Roland HäderEven more fixes/improvements:
2010-06-23 Roland HäderSome fixes/improvements:
2010-06-23 Roland HäderNow CSS classes are being inserted by EL
2010-06-22 Roland HäderSeveral template fixes/cleanups, naming convention...
2010-06-21 Roland HäderMore rewrites/templates swapped out:
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFix for template error
2010-06-20 Roland Häder is not needed in member-only templates
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFurther fixes for wrong getMaskedMessage() usage in...
2010-06-20 Roland HäderYet another bunch of EL/surfbar fixes
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFixes for ext-surfbar (the usual asset)
2010-06-20 Roland HäderPossible fix while a spider/bot has issued a redirect
2010-06-20 Roland HäderNext wave of more use of EL, see ticket #176
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFix attempt for empty database password
2010-06-20 Roland HäderMissing CSS class added
2010-06-20 Roland Hädersvn:properties set
2010-06-20 Roland HäderNew function handleMailId introduced, you need to delet...
2010-06-20 Roland HäderMore forced spaces ( ) removed, see ticket #142)
2010-06-20 Roland HäderExtension templates rewritten, the configuration was...
2010-06-20 Roland HäderFix for rewrite
2010-06-20 Roland HäderAll resets rewritten, missing svn:properties added
2010-06-20 Roland HäderMissed to comment out again...
2010-06-20 Roland HäderBetter this way...