New TODO for better total number of nodes calculation.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / TODO
2008-05-09 Cameron DaleNew TODO for better total number of nodes calculation.
2008-05-05 Cameron DaleNew TODO item for rotating DNS entries.
2008-04-28 Cameron DaleNew TODO for hashing files with detached GPG signatures.
2008-04-24 Cameron DaleBetter handling and logging for intermittent HTTP clien...
2008-04-23 Cameron DaleSet the Last-Modified header when downloading from...
2008-04-23 Cameron DaleRemove temporary files from the peer's download cache.
2008-04-23 Cameron DaleRefresh expired DHT hashes concurrently instead of...
2008-04-23 Cameron DaleDon't check file when listing expired hashes, instead...
2008-04-21 Cameron DaleMake the DHT timeouts configuration parameters.
2008-04-21 Cameron DaleConf time parser works with floats, and lengthened...
2008-04-21 Cameron DaleSome more TODO items.
2008-04-21 Cameron DaleAdd all files to the DB with their hashes.
2008-04-16 Cameron DaleMake the downloader statistics work.
2008-04-15 Cameron DaleRetransmit DHT requests before timeout occurs is complete.
2008-04-14 Cameron DaleAdd statistics reporting to the main program (untested).
2008-04-14 Cameron DaleTry to rejoin DHT periodically after failures using...
2008-04-13 Cameron DaleFix some tests and add some TODO items.
2008-04-04 Cameron DaleMassive work on the peer downloading, not working or...
2008-03-31 Cameron DaleReturn 404s to all requests for Packages.diff and Sourc...
2008-03-31 Cameron DaleRetire one TODO and add another.
2008-03-08 Cameron DaleFixed justSeenNode in KTable to update the bucket properly.
2008-03-08 Cameron DaleAnother TODO item.
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleMerge branch 'documentation' into apt-dht
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleMerge branch 'apt-dht' of ssh://
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleMore todo items.
2008-02-29 Cameron DaleAdd property tracking to downloads from peers.
2008-02-25 Cameron DaleA new TODO item.
2008-02-24 Cameron DaleRewrite of the actions to take advantage of the commona...
2008-02-24 Cameron DaleCheck response packet lengths before sending.
2008-02-23 Cameron DaleBreak up the find_value into 2 parts (with get_value).
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleRefresh DHT values just before they are due to expire.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleUnload the AptPackages caches after a period of inactivity.
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleMore and better error messages in the DHT.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleReturn a token in find_node responses, use it in store_...
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleUse compact encoding of peer info for downloads.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleRemove the originated time from the DHT value storage.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleAnother new TODO item.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleMore work on the TODO.
2008-02-20 Cameron DaleAnother new TODO item: better DHT lookups for multiple...
2008-02-19 Cameron DaleUse python-debian for parsing RFC 822 files (untested).
2008-02-19 Cameron DaleDon't add files to the DHT if a hash could not be found...
2008-02-18 Cameron DaleDownload from peers using the hash instead of a directo...
2008-01-22 Cameron DaleMore TODOs.
2008-01-19 Cameron DaleUpdates after more though on a couple of of the TODO...
2008-01-18 Cameron DaleAdded more TODO items and a pretty diagram to the docum...
2008-01-16 Cameron DaleChange all print statements to log.msg calls.
2008-01-15 Cameron DaleRemove a completed TODO item.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleUpgrade the security in khashmir by using longer TIDs.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleAdded some things to do for the future.