Unload the AptPackages caches after a period of inactivity.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / apt_dht / MirrorManager.py
2008-02-22 Cameron DaleUnload the AptPackages caches after a period of inactivity.
2008-01-14 Cameron DaleUse FilePath everywhere and create new CacheManager...
2008-01-12 Cameron DaleUse the new DB in the main code.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleWhen peer downloads fail, try direct downloads.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleAdded complicated testing to find our IP address.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleMake downloaded files accessible via the HTTP server.
2008-01-10 Cameron DaleFixed some bugs in the new hashing scheme and tests.
2008-01-10 Cameron DalePass the new HashObjects around everywhere (untested).
2008-01-09 Cameron DaleProxyFileStream also calculates hash while downloading.
2008-01-08 Cameron DaleAdd back the updatedFile method to the MirrorManager.
2008-01-07 Cameron DaleMove the translating of hashes from hex into the Mirror...
2008-01-07 Cameron DaleDecompress needed files while downloading them.
2008-01-07 Cameron DaleCall the AptPackages file_updated when files complete...
2008-01-07 Cameron DaleAdded modification time tracking to the MirrorManager...
2008-01-07 Cameron DaleAdded caching of downloaded files to the MirrorManager.
2007-12-24 CameronAdd timeouts to some unittests.
2007-12-19 CameronAdd a MirrorError exception.
2007-12-19 CameronUpdate all tests to add the deferred as both errback...
2007-12-19 CameronFix the MirrorManager tests to be dist-agnostic too.
2007-12-16 Cameron DaleMoved the files to appropriate package directories.