Add the ability to bencode datetime values.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / apt_dht_Khashmir /
2008-01-13 Cameron DaleAdd the ability to bencode datetime values.
2008-01-13 Cameron Dalebencode module now uses new BencodeError instead of...
2008-01-13 Cameron DaleAdded unittests to bencode module for boolean and unico...
2008-01-13 Cameron DaleChanged bencode's test functions to trial unittests.
2008-01-13 Cameron DaleConvert the new bencode module to use apt-dht logging.
2008-01-13 Cameron DaleCopied the more advanced bencode module from DebTorrent.
2007-12-16 Cameron DaleMoved the files to appropriate package directories.