Various documentation fixes and additions.
[quix0rs-apt-p2p.git] / apt_dht_Khashmir /
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleVarious documentation fixes and additions.
2008-03-05 Cameron DaleDocument the DHT's db module.
2008-02-23 Cameron DaleBreak up the find_value into 2 parts (with get_value).
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleAllow arbitrary strings to be stored in the DHT database.
2008-02-21 Cameron DaleRemove the originated time from the DHT value storage.
2008-01-13 Cameron Dalekhashmir's store value takes the origination date.
2008-01-11 Cameron DaleMake khashmir's db backwards compatible to pysqlite...
2008-01-10 Cameron DaleFixed the storage of binary strings in the database.
2008-01-08 Cameron DaleSwitch from the time module to the datetime module.
2008-01-08 Cameron DaleUpgrade pysqlite from 1.0 to 2.x (now uses sqlite3).
2008-01-08 Cameron DaleMove all the khashmir database operations to a separate...